Bill Clinton of the Clinton Foundation and the ‘suicides’ that surround it and the son of the elite George Soros, Alex, were not the only two who were accepted in the Vatican by Pope Francis.

This was not enough. He continued to stun the faithful when he welcomed around 200 avant-garde artists in the Sistine Chapel, who included the photographer Andres Serrano, who is the creator of the controversial “Piss Christ” works showing a crucifix submerged in a glass of urine.

“Serrano has often received intense backlash for his works, which often incorporate bodily fluids, human feces, or photos of corpses.

His photo ‘Piss Christ’ has been criticized as blasphemous and has been the subject of controversy since the late 1980s. U.S. Sens. Al D’Amato and Jesse Helms expressed outrage that the artist received $5,000 from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts in 1986.

Cardinal George Pell, when archbishop of Melbourne, tried and failed to receive a legal injunction to prevent the National Gallery of Victoria from displaying the photo in 1997. The show was later canceled when someone tried to remove the work from a wall and two teenagers attacked it with a hammer.

A print of the image was also damaged in 2011 by Christian protesters when it was displayed in an exhibition in a contemporary art museum in Avignon, France.

Serrano has defended the photograph against accusations of blasphemy, calling it ‘an act of devotion’ from someone born and raised Catholic who is now a practising Christian.”

How can such a portrait, titled ‘Piss Christ’ be a devotion towards Christ? And why is it that when something causes a controversy or is found offensive by Catholics and Christians, all kind of excuses are given?

So how does he have an art called ‘Piss Christ’?

Pope Francis has turned the Vatican into an anti-Christian people hoarder. The foundation of the Catholic Church was built by Jesus and His disciples. Shame on this Pope who should only invite people who honour Christ.

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