Many do not realise that Cabala or Kabbalah is rooted in Luciferianism. Many think that in the Zeitgest Movement, mysticism and moral relativism are the true roots of spirituality or religion and that monotheism somehow unjustly usurped this.

It was Luciferian mystery traditions that corrupted Judaism and influenced everything from freemasonry and Cabala/Kabbalah to Hermeticism and Torah, one that the Talmud is the doctrine of the majority of people who call themselves religius Jews today. This is not the Talmud of the Old Testament that Christians had been deceived into thinking of being associated with modern Jews and the majority of people calling themselves Jews today are ethically descended from Khazars, who are not too dissimilar to Armenians and Georgians.

Another doctrine that people don’t know emerged from the Talmud is the Cabala/Kabbalah. There’s great confusion and misinformation around Cabala/Kabbalah because most people don’t know where it came from, partly because they don’t know enough about theology. Often, these people are hostile to Christianity and won’t separate the Bible from the Church. They don’t want to give you the full picture because they want you to think the Occult is misunderstood rather than being a Luciferian invasion and New Testament Scripture.

Where did the Talmud come from so to establish how this led to Cabala/Kabbalah? There are two versions of the Talmud. There is the Babylonian Talmud compiled in the third to fifth century AD when the Jews were living in the Ancient Babylonia of Mesopatamia, a part of the world we now call Iraq. Then there is the second version which is the Palestinian or Jerusalem Talmud, the earlier version of the Talmud from the second century AD. But as much as details like these are interesting, they don’t tell us much on how and why the Talmudic tradition began. The truth is that this has always existed among Jews through the legal tradition. This evolved and changed over time and depending on which point of history ring, it took different forms.

In ancient Roman times, it was defined by the Pharisees and Saducees in particular. This is where it gets controversial and a little bit complicated. Theology tells us that the Jews challenged the Elites within Jewish communities that corrupted the word of God with legal traditions. Despite the fact that Jesus himself was a Jew along with all his original followers, many Jews that take the heritage from this legal tradition claim that it’s anti-Semitic to suggest that the Bible depicts how those Elites, especially the Pharisees, manipulated the governor of Judea, Ponteus Pilate, into crucifying Jesus for his defiance.

It is indigenous to suggest that Jews killing other Jews is anti-Semitic, let alone inaccurate when you consider the Khazarian origins of most modern Jews.

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