Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel on the west, the Illuminati and Hollywood

“I always say this. In the east, they may kill your body. But in the west, definitely they are after your spirit. They’re killing your spirit. But killing of the spirit is much, much worse than killing the body. Actually, if they kill the body I’ll become a martyr. Couldn’t ask for a better reward. But if they kill the spirit, I’m going to hell. I lost everything. The west is killing the spirit, with so many different ways.

Hollywood – Illuminatis. Oh, Illuminatis, ‘the Enlightened’. Ah, did you see this? ‘The Enlightened Dark! Blind! Enlightened by the knowledge of Satan. Illuminatis. They call themselves the enlightened ones, they are after Satan, because they worship Satan. So, they are the enlightened. They took the knowledge of Satan. What is the knowledge of Satan? Poison, hell, destruction. Period! So, what did they take? Hollywood! Look at Hollywood! Oh my! I know I got it, woo! [laughter] Have you seen those singers, how they behave on the stage? Evil! But please millions of young men and women ‘gutuk, gutuk, gutuk’ [jumps up and down and makes sound of hypnotic music]. What is this? Hypnotic approach! Hypnosis! If you just see how they jump, you could see that that’s it, it’s taken [pointing at the brain]. The brain is gone, gone, gone. Gone, gone, gone, gone. I know it may sound funny, but it’s disastrous, we need to cry, we need to ask for the Lord’s intervention asap. Our generation, future generation is being decimated by Hollywood celebrities, by the sons of the snake. Evil doers, satanic, satan worshippers! What kind of Hollywood celebrities are you chasing. Please stop saying ‘this rap singer is my idol’. If Jesus is not your idol, we are all condemned to hell. To hell. To hell.”

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