Is it possible that some people that are voted for, are involved in an elite paedophile ring? How could these politicians, who look so charming, be involved in a huge, child trafficking and paedophile ring where children are tortured, raped and killed for pleasure? Or maybe, for something more horrific?

Couldn’t it be just all coincidence that the Clintons, the Obamas and Trudeau have surrounded themselves with the wrong friends? If their friends are paedophiles, it doesn’t mean they are, right? And maybe they don’t know about their friends’ sexual preferences, right?

For example, Bill Clinton’s faith healer, the Brazilian John of God, was arrested for keeping sex slaves and making them pregnant, over and over again. He had also admitted for selling the babies for thousands of dollars and killing the slave mothers after ten years of giving birth. The main whistle blower in this case, Sabrina Bittencourt had suddenly died a suspicious death on 2nd February, 2019. But how could Bill Clinton have known?

After all, Bill Clinton is listed as one of those who had gone to the private island of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Clinton was on the passengers’ list twenty-six times, together with other sex offenders like Kevin Spacey, who was arrested for multiple rape accounts among others with young boys.

But that does not make Bill Clinton a sex offender, right?

But Bill Clinton was being investigated for the rape of a young boy by investigative journalist Jenny Moore, a former police officer who informed the FBI and the Department for Homeland Security after which she suddenly died in a hotel room in a DC Cuntry Inn & Suites in a suburban in Washington D.C. Moore had been in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — claims he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

But that doesn’t make Bill Clinton a murderer, does it?

Let’s dive deeper into more research, shall we?

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