In the 2018 edition of the Wilson Center program, the just released spring issue of The Wilson Quarterly “Living with Artificial Intelligence” was discussed together with editor Richard Solash and contributor Eleonore Pauwels. Eleonore Pauwels is the director of Anticipatory Intelligence Lab, Science and Technology, Innovative Program at the Wilson Center.

During the discussion, it was discussed how AI has the potential to reshape every aspect of life including from interpersonal to international relations, and also art, health, and work.

Here is what Eleanor Pauwels said about the Internet of Bodies and how it will monitor your body, your emotions, and thoughts throughout the whole day and the whole week, just like the Internet of Things controls devices:

“We will be under surveillance; in the future, we will be subjected to computational stress in all aspects of our lives. From what you eat, who you meet, what you buy online, to how much energy you expend. And also, what are your vital signs, what do you do in terms of health? What specific genetic traits do you have? What your genome says about your health, about your mental health, about how well you feel, how well you age, what diseases you are exposed to.”

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