Alan Watt continues to explain how through the New Age Religion and Philosophy, the Elite are looking to control nature and human beings via ‘planned control’:

“It sounds all wonderful and natural etc, but from the earlies to days we’ve had to fight nature as well. When you are cold and you’re hungry and it’s snowing or it’s pouring rain and there’s trees falling down with lightening around you, you know nature also has a mind of its own and you are irrelevant in nature’s scheme of things when it comes down to it. Just as irrelevant as a deer being brought down by a wolf. Because we’re human doesn’t make any difference to nature. Nature has been studied tremendously and through the secrets of nature, the sciences – that’s what they mean by the secrets of nature, they decided a long time ago to understand it and then change it, and like everything else in this particular religion that runs everything, they will control it. They want to control nature. Everything that’s happening today in every sphere is ‘planned control’.

The control freaks are here indeed and they have no tolerance for differing points of view on anything which is given out as being politically correct at the time. In fact, they would try to squash a square peg into a round hole rather than just admit they’re wrong. That won’t happen. We saw that in the Soviet Union when they found people who just didn’t fit into the Soviet system whose thoughts were not moulded along the Soviet agenda. Who didn’t parrot the proper phrases automatically and force themselves to believe it and those people were punished severely because ideology is a tremendous, tremendous enemy of humankind. Ideology is a terrifying thing in all ages. Ideology is the destroyer.

In this world you must have differences. I’ve met people who will have what I think are friendly arguments with and then when you want to say well we’ll leave it at that. We can agree to differ and go home thinking no more with them, and I have met people down through my life like that and that means potentially they’re a control freak. The ones at the top have the same traits of many of those at the bottom. It’s a human trait of many people.

You have to accept the differences in society to have peace. It must be that way. Otherwise it’s uniform, there is no free thought, there’s no free opinion on anything, there isn’t even a free discussion on anything. There isn’t even a free discussion on anything because people will simply gang up on you and kill you for being different, and this is a sad statement on society. You know, religion is full of very, very true allegories. That’s why we’re given them and the bringer of bad news for instance is often killed by the mob who demanded to hear it in the first place. That’s partly true of what is happening to me at the moment as well. I don’t teach people who aren’t certain or at least I’m not certain of who want to be woken up.”

Video here.

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