In this series, I will be producing what Alan Watt, author, researcher and avantgardist, said about the New Age Philosophy:

“We truly are managed scientifically. Religion has always been a big part of this and in the book Towards a New Civilisation, Gorbachev himself talked about the creation of a new religion which would be essential for part of the plan as they go through this. It’s a religion which we tend to call the New Age today and it has infiltrated all standard religions and into the Christian churches as well.

It began years ago where the first step was positive thinking. Just think positive and you’ll get what you want, and now they call it ‘motivational courses’ for business etc, but it’s mixed into all the New Age Philosophy. It doesn’t matter which particular New Age Philosophy it seems to be because they’re all one. They are all paid and sponsored from the top and they all tell you don’t dwell on the negative. Don’t dwell on the negative because everything is an illusion anyway and it doesn’t do any good to dwell on the negative. So when anyone in company tries to speak up and says ‘Hey, the king has no clothes. We’re heading towards hell,’ they’ll turn away on mass because they’ve been trained to look at the positive side of things and not to listen to negative, to their own detriment of course, because there’s never been a better way to get people to shut their brains down and have no defense mechanisms whatsoever. They’ve done a fantastic job on the public.

Nothing is real. And interesting enough, all the New Agers have gone through their programs and paid to go through them; and a program of course is like a theatre program. It tells you what’s coming up step by step. Education is similar to it. Education can be positive or negative depending on the purpose and depending on the outcome.

Indoctrination doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It means to teach a doctrine. See these are the definitions of words and it’s the purpose and the outcome which can make it good or bad, depending on its purpose. However, you’ll find that people go through different courses to buy their belief systems and it generally caters to the ego. It also gives you for those who have fallen away from their religion they were brought up in, which has been cast aside. It’s defunct. It’s redundant. It doesn’t work anymore for them in his particular step or age. They still walk in with the same paradigm into the next religion looking for familar type answers which are very similar to the ones that they just left. That’s what they’re looking for. They’re looking for a purpose for life. They’re looking for the rules and regulations that must go with an order because they’re terrified of a life without order. And the one that we’ve come out of, which is full of rules and regulations and dogma and we think that’s natural, but only because we’re being brought up in it. It’s actually for social control all those rules and regulations were given in the first place.

As I say, these spontaneously appearing organizations which taught meditation and techniques of unreality, and how to get into unreality by denying the presence of even the people around you as being real and having to chant mantras about that, also taught the same people that nothing was real, nothing really mattered, and don’t look at the negative things. They want to hear something positive all the time.

This is not to say, however, that personal experience is irrelevant. In fact, it’s the opposite. Personal experience as opposed to group experience perhaps, is the ultimate because it’s all you really have to go by and it doesn’t have to fit into the realm or the understanding of anyone else.”

Interview can be listened to here.

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