When investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister warned us in 2009 about the pandemic and WHO’s intention to override national sovereignty.

Jane Bürgermeister, an Austrian investigative journalist, warned the world in 2009 about the WHO’s intention to override national sovereignty, as well as its plans for forced injections of a “biological weapon” disguised as a vaccine.

Her speech:

“After this health crisis, a new political force will be installed. It will be the World Health Organisation, the one in charge of organizing the enforcement of these things, also the U.N. And it will happen at the same time, more or less in parallel, in all countries because all countries follow the same schedule for voluntary vaccination. And after this period, every government estate will be joined into a single, new structure, that will incorporate itself under the W.H.O. and the U.N. Some politicians have already suggested that the W.H.O. should be the natural, global, health authority. There are clear plans for the creation of a world government. And the pandemic seems to be the means of this goal, the same as this vaccine, also an instrument it is, to fulfill that old dream of a single world power. What I am stating here is that there is a secret biological war going on, an undeclared biological warfare against civilians is being waged, because it is carried out by a small group, against a larger majority of billions of people, carried out with cunning and deception. So what is technically a biological weapon is being sold to us as prophylactic, and if we don’t take it voluntarily, if we don’t believe the hysteria of the media, we are finally forced to take it.”

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