Daphne Caruana Galizia on the case of the notary Antoine Agius and the interesting observations of her readers.

In her blog dated April 2015, and titled “This is the notary who helped Marco and Josielle Gaffarena swindle an old lady”, Daphne wrote:

“My contacts in the field tell me he’s the go-to notary when you want something done ‘bil-ħaxi‘.

Antoine Agius, who helped Marco and Josielle Gaffarena swindle a confused old lady by telling her they would buy her house for Lm250,000 and then press-ganging her into a contract for Lm40,000, is a disgraced one-time Nationalist Party candidate facing charges of fraud, deception and falsifying a will, in a separate case.”

Daphne had added the following newspaper piece:

Here are some interesting observations done by her readers of this blog:

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