The Lahaina community was very angry towards the federal government response of President Biden towards it. During his late visit, residents held signs that said “No comment” and “What took you so long to get here.”

President Biden not only took long to visit Maui to show support as he was on vacation, but after visiting it, he went back to his vacation to Lake Tahoe. Some angry residents protested his visit over accusations that the White House is not doing enough to help, while some of the comments made by President Biden like “You guys catch the boots out here? That’s some hot gorund man” were viewed by the residents as inappropriate.

Here is a reporting by Fox News through Will Cain, one of the few who is showing the reality of Maui.

Will Cain: “Right now Pete we of Fox News are the only national media in West Maui. West Maui is isolated physically and in terms of information from the rest of the world. Cell service is rough and the only reason we got here is, as you know, my family’s been here for something like forty years and we have property here to get through the security check points. In fact, Pete, the mayor of Maui yesterday tried to kick us out of West Maui saying it’s a media free zone. It’s not. There is a first amendment. There’s the United States Constitution and this is America. But what you just said is perfect man. I’m going to show you something. I’m just about two miles from Lahaina. This is Kanapali beach behind me and I’m about to go around this corner, it is called The Point. And when I do, I’ll get the first look of Lahaina and I’m coming to you on a boat. My buddy owns this boat. And we’re going to get a look at Lahaina from the water up close front street [….]

It is incredible, what citizens, not the government Pete, what citizens are doing for one another.

Pete: “What is the sense on the ground of where the leadership is coming from, if at all, other than from each other?”

Will Cain: “I saw that $700 are going to be sent to the families of Lahaina. Now I just did some quick Math, Pete. There was about some 13,000 residents of Lahaina, times $700 that’s 1.9 million dollars. I think this week we announced another 40 billion for Ukraine. I’m not sure where we are this point. People, I believe, it’s something like 140 billion total for Ukraine and last I checked this, (pointing at Lahaina), this is the United States of America, as is East Palestine Ohio. So, I don’t know why it’s so hard, comparatively, to rally for America and so easy comparatively to support Ukraine.”

Pete: “Yeah, the forgotten men and women, on an island, forgotten today by the administration distracted by so many other things. Will, real quick. The death toll, the search and rescue is ongoing. So, while you’re providing aid for people, we’re still trying to find people alive, right? I mean, that’s still ongoing?”

Will Cain: “Yeah, and honestly Pete, there’s a really hard piece of information to grab your arms around, to get a hold of. We know, you mentioned about a hundred, but there’s so many more missing. I’ve talked to families ‘Are you missing someone?’ The good news is that not so many people have told me ‘I can’t find this person or that person’ but on the other hand there’s talk of a search in the ocean. The dive teams are looking for bodies. There are bodies that perhaps were burned, not just beyond recognition, but existence. So, how do you know if someone was there if they no longer have evidence that they were there in Lahaina. “

Fox News raised around one million dollars, up to this reporting, for Maui residents. What a shame that while many put a temporary frame to their Facebook profile photo, saying “I stand with Ukraine” because the media told them so, now we are not seeing any “I stand with Maui”.

We are witnessing in real time how help from governments is not getting to the survivors of this disaster, after their homes and businesses were ‘coincidentally’ destroyed.

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