Fr. Charles Murr on the Freemasonic invasion of the Roman Curia – the second Vatican Council and Cardinal Sebastian Baggio

Joe McClane: “And so, let me ask you, actual evidence was uncovered that high-ranking prelates within the Curia were in fact members of the Freemasons?”

Father Murr: “1973, Pope Paul VI is pope. He made a declaration that has become very famous. He said ‘the smoke of Satan has entered some fisher and has entered the temple of God.’ He began in 1973 to understand that the second Vatican Council, its reforms, and the direction it was taking, was not the wonderful promise that everyone was hoping to be. It did not produce what everybody thought it was going to produce. And I was trying to explain this to another priest last night: this was the beginning for Paul VI of a real self-doubt, and it was also the beginning, I don’t want to say hopelessness, but people were giving up the great hope that they had with the Council. All of a sudden they were seeing the problems that had been affected by the Council and they were dealing with those problems. For example, just to give one example, there were 30,000 Jesuit priests before the Council, during the Council, up until 1965. By 1973 or 1974, 10000 of them had left. So, that’s as a Jesuit Professor through a Gregorian University in Rome, had said to me ‘That’s not really the problem.’ I said ‘So that’s not really the problem?’ He said ‘No, 10,000 more have to leave before we can clean our house.’ That was the problem he said. But anyway, so things were kind of falling apart at the second Vatican Council from 1962 to 1965. When it ended, we thought that the biggest problem that we were going to have as Catholics was a building problem. We were going to have add on wings to our churches and build new schools to accommodate the flood of people who are going to be running toward the Catholic church begging for baptism. Quite the contrary happened.”

Joe McClane: “Let me ask you this. In the investigation, who was the highest ranking prelate within the Curia who was found to be a Freemason?”

Father Murr: “Cardinal Sebastian Baggio. He chose the worlds’ Catholics bishops. All of the members of the southern Gallen Mafia, all of the members of that Mafia, who became cardinals were put into places where they would become Cardinals. All of them were appointed by Cardinal Baggio.”

Joe McClane: “Wow. So when McCarrick was passing out his envelopes full of cash, to who knows what for who knows why, and then getting a pass on the back end all the way up to becoming a Cardinal after having molested so many, we thank Baggio for that.”

Father Murr: “You can.”

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