The wildfires in Lahaina, Maui – questions this site poses to the readers – part five

Here is a video from a Hawaiian which explains why Lahaina is very important. Here is what he says:

“What is going on in Maui? There is a lot to unpack. So try to keep up. Several wildfires have broken out on the island of Maui, creating mass devastatation and destruction, most notably the town of Lahaina. This is not the people’s fault. And our hearts go out to those affected. Why is Laihaina significant? It was once the capital of the kingdom of Hawaii prior to the forced US annexation, and the eventual move to Honolulu. Laihaina is filled with native property and business owners that dug their heels in and have refused to sell their properties to conglomerates such as Blackrock, Vanguard and Oprah*. Unglobalised, prime, oceanfront property still owned and managed by the natives. So, what caused this destruction? Short answer – no one knows. All government agencies, local and federal have vehemently stated that it is unknown. However, there are two competing theories online. One, environmental – the perfect combination of a major hurricane 200 miles off the southern shore of Maui, combined with northern pressure to create massive dryness and winds. Or two – diabolical, something the ‘conspiracy theorists’ call a DEW- Direct-Energy Weapon. What? I had the same response. So, I started googling. The first article that pops up when you google Maui DEW is from Newsweek. It starts like this: ‘The devastating wildfires in Hawaii have brought a new conspiracy theory from climate change deniers who suggest that the destruction was orchestrated by the federal government’s direct-energy weapons.’ Ugh! Anytime a propaganda media article starts with ‘conspiracy theory by climate change deniers’ makes me want to believe it more. Next article, fact-checked, False. Wait? What? I thought the facts were unknown! But how can we rule out trending theories as impossible already? Joe Biden just announced that the federal government will provide aid to those that lost their homes. That means homeowners who lost their houses and properties can now loan money from the federal government at a low interest rate. Your super valuable property that is skyrocketing in value, you can now get a new mortgage, courtesy of Uncle Sam. There are also countless efforts by the people to send aid and support to devastated areas. This would be great, except local residents are now saying that they are having difficulty delivering such aid and only FEMA and Red Cross aid is being allowed in. Roadblocks everywhere. No one allowed in or out. Hmm. And Maui is an island surrounded by water, next to one of the largest US military bases. Local residents are saying that they received no advanced warning and that they only evacuated once they saw the thick black smoke at their doors. Why was the federal response so slow on this matter? Waiting until the fire had overtaken this area prior to action. I don’t know what’s going on in Maui. Our hearts go out to all those affected and we pray for your safety. But what I do know is that there are more questions than answers. And anytime that’s the case, especially when global self-interest benefits, and people suffer, well, you know, conspiracy theory.”

*It refers to Oprah Winfrey, one of those wealthy people who own a luxurious mansion in Maui. Others are Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Morgan Freeman, and many more. More can be read here and here. None of their mansions were affected.

In lieu of the fact that in another piece, we have seen how ‘realtors’ are already asking for the Laihaina residents to sell their land, what do you make of the above?

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