The return of the face mask in some hospitals

According to the Daily Mail, scientists have called “for the return of face masks because of the new strain, which was dubbed BA.6.

According to this media portal, this new variant is the ‘real deal’ and it will give rise to a fresh Covid resurgence. It reported that covid hospitalisation rates are rising, raising fears that the UK is about to be hit by another wave.This rise in infections coincides with the appearance of a new variant known as Eris. According to health officials, it already accounts for one in every seven new Covid cases in the UK.

But in America, things are already rolling.

On Thursday 17th August, Upstate Medical’s two hospitals, University and Community General, reimposed mandatory face-masking after reporting an uptick in Covid-19 cases. The memo reads:

“Effective immediately, mandatory masking is required by all staff, visitors, and patients in clinical areas of Upstate University Hospital, Upstate Community Hospital, and ambulatory clinical spaces. Clinical areas are defined as any location patients gather, wait, transport through, or receive care. Masking is strongly recommended in all non-clinical areas.”

According to the same memo, even covid testing is now also required for all patients being admitted to hospitals.

The hospital said it will review again the masking and testing policies in three weeks time.

Then, we have another hospital which has imposed the mask wearing again. This is the Auburn Community Hospital, which, as from 19th August, along with associated AMMS Local Physician Practices and Finger Lakes Center for Living, has necessitated masks in all clinical zones, due to the emerging Eris Covid-19 variant.

“These zones encompass areas where patients are present, from waiting rooms to treatment areas. While non-clinical spaces don’t demand masking, the hospital has issued a strong recommendation in favor.”

“Additional protocols included mandatory masks in all zones where patient interactions occur, including hallways and the cafeteria. COVID-19 positive patients will have visitor restrictions, permitting only one visitor who must be fully garbed in PPE. The hospital emphasizes the collective responsibility to adhere to mask guidelines, especially in areas where patients are present. Employees who tested positive between days 6-10 post-infection or display unrelated respiratory symptoms are also obligated to mask up in all areas.”

“As the situation evolves, Auburn Community Hospital’s Quality and Infection Prevention team will be on the lookout for potential COVID-19 surges, ready to tweak protocols as necessary.”

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