The Trial of David Gatt – the Acquittal from the Magistrate, Antonio Micallef Trigona

The presiding magistrate which was chosen to see over the case of the village lawyer David Gatt, was magistrate Antonio Micallef Trigona.

“Before adjourning the case to November for judgement, the magistrate could not help expressing his frustration at the fact that the case had not been abandoned earlier, ruining the time that had been wasted on it.

‘Now I will spend a summer reading that which everybody knows,’ said the magistrate, before turning to prosecuting police Inspectors Joseph Mercieca and Michael Mallia.

‘I’m not talking about the merits and I’m not criticising you, but those who sent you,’ said Magistrate Micallef Trigona. ‘Those who are entrusted with respecting and implementing justice don’t even possess a sense of justice.’

This was the last statement that the magistrate had uttered at the close submission in criminal proceedings against Gatt.

When the judgement was handed down, we read:

‘In handing down judgement this morning, Magistrate Tonio Micallef Trigona said he did not find Mr Portelli’s testimony to be credible and there was no evidence linking Dr Gatt to the crimes he was accused of.'” Well, there were the transcripts of the phone calls but by pure coincidence these were removed by the court…….

In this case, we went from the same magistrate saying that there is enough evidence for Gatt to be indicted, to the same magistrate saying that ‘PC Portelli’s evidence was based on things the accused had told him and not because the witness was actually present during the events he mentioned’ to the magistrate subjectively saying that he did not find Portelli’s testimony to be credible’ and with then Newsbook reporting two years later that Gatt had been acquitted of his involvement in the HSBC case as Portelli’s main testimony had been discredited on the basis of mental health problems. David Gatt was acquitted by Magistrate Micallef Trigona in January 2017.

You can’t even try to understand how things are dealt with in the building with the stairs not even if you try to, especially with the media outlets’ different versions.

But wait a minute! Look what the sea has brought in:

In the above photo we have a group of men enjoying themselves and dining together. The majority of them happened to coincidentally be businessmen, with a previous ambassador and two members of the judiciary. The guy on the fourth seat on the left hand side of the table, who is wearing a pink shirt, brownish blazer and glasses is Frank Galea, a previous ambassador. The man seated on the first seat on the right hand side of the photo is Trattoria Da Pippo’s owner, Francesco Cutajar. The person who has his arm around his shoulder is Jean Paul Sammut, CEO of Polidano Group.

If we go to the left hand side again, the second man on the left happened to be former magistrate and freemason Carol Peralta. It also happened that Frank Galea, the ambassador described above, happened to also be a freemason, member of the Grand Lodge of Malta with Peralta. But look what the sea continues to bring in! At the head of the table, there is former magistrate Antonio Micallef Trigona. What a coincidence!

Now you might tell me “But they are just a group of men dining and having fun together!” I say, sure! You might also tell me “But having a few freemasons there, does not matter.” I say, sure! You might also tell me “But having two magistrates there, does not matter.” I say, sure! You might also tell me “But maybe these two magistrates know each other through their profession or they could have been just friends.” I say, sure! And you might also ask me “Could it be that birds of a feather, flock together?” I say, who knows?!

But, there is a big but! When Mario Portelli published the letter which this site has also published in another piece, Mario Portelli was not only reacting to David Gatt’s accusations in court against him, together with a phone call which he had from prosecuting officer Inspector Joseph Mercieca informing him that he would not be able to testify in the case again, but Mario Portelli also claimed that Inspector Mercieca had told him “it was useless with the Magistrate presiding in Court.” Why?

So, Lady Justice, may I have a tête-à-tête conversation with you please? According to research, if you are going to court and you have a Masonic judge, and you have a Mason accused of murder or treason, he’ll be let off if there is a Mason on the jury or if it’s a Masonic judge. So you do not have an opportunity for real free society when you have secret societies working in our country, is that right, Lady Justice?

So, Lady Justice, our former minister Evarist had also highlighted the dangers of having members from sectors like the judiciary in freemasonry, is that right? In his post, Evarist Bartolo had stated that “there have been masonic lodges that had magistrates, police, lawyers, and criminals who worked together so that a crime is covered and the guilty party is not caught.” He had added that all these people from various sectors enrolled in the same secret society call themselves brothers and promise to protect each other, “because if within the same masonic lodge you have members who decide for their masonic brothers while investigating a murder handing down sentences, public contracts, giving loans, and handing down promotions… who wins: the law and regulation which make us equal or the masonic regulation which gives advantage to their members?”

So, Lady Justice, in lieu of the photo I am showing you, the trial of David Gatt who was also a freemason at the time and the above information, I have two questions for you.

The first: by which magic wand are magistrates chosen and appointed on individual cases, especially when the accused is a freemason?

The second: by any chance, Lady Justice, during the trial of David Gatt, did you change your dress to a pair of trousers and an apron and exchanged your two scales with some tools like a chisel, square, and a compass please?

Lady Justice, if your answer to the above second question is no, can you then explain how come the same village lawyer is mentioned again in the Degiorgios’ press release, where the same Degiorgios wrote that not only David Gatt is involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia but also as having been involved in the crimes for which he was acquitted in this trial?

Lady Justice, as a Maltese citizen who is demanding full transperency so to understand better the decisions taken in the building with the stairs, who is winning in our courts? Is it the law or is it the masonic regulation which is giving advantage to its members of the fraternity of aprons, rites and rituals?

Dear Lady Justice, I am not referring to your merits and I am surely not criticising you, but don’t you think that those who are entrusted with respecting and implementing justice, should possess a sense of justice?

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