The narrative of ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ freemasonry which many use to excuse freemasonry – my two cents.

So many fall into the narrative of ‘regular’ and the counter narrative of ‘irregular’ freemasonry, which, according to their reasoning, regular freemasonry is all about doing charity and good to the country, while irregular freemasonry is involved in corruption, crime and whatever one can think of under the sky.

This is just another of one of those narrative and counter-narrative fallacies which those who just scrap the surface and refuse to go deep in the rabbit hole, fall into.

We also have a website outling this typical opposing strategy:, adding that regular freemasonry is accountable to and registered with the government, whereas irregular freemasonry does not follow anything of this sort.

Oh, please, give me a break! Here are my reasons and my two cents:

The first point: surely, there are various lodges which do charity and various lodges are excellent in the way they organise and do charity. All you have to do is make a search online, and see how many lodges have done charity which is all out there for everyone to see. But this is what you are allowed to see. This is the same with the so-called objective narrative which you are given. That is what they want you to swallow. The truth is that you are being lied to. What happens inside the lodge, is not for you to see. And what happens inside lodges, have been exposed by former freemasons. What better ways to know from those who have repented and decided to share the knowledge with others so that the world opens its eyes?

But my question is, for freemasons to do charity, do they have to become part of a lodge or join freemasonry? Do they have to become affiliated in freemasonry? There are so many organizations out there which also do charity, but which are not secret societies, and which do not operate in secrecy, and which do not have all sorts of occult symbols, which do not take oaths, and which do not embrace esoterism, which they can join! In addition, if freemasons, as business people, want to do charity, they can leave freemasonry, repent, and set up a new organisation called “Business People for Charity”. Without forgetting, that there are so many business people who do not trumpet their charitable donations without being part of any secret society. I know a few.

The second point: what about the blood oaths that all lodges take? These are universal oaths, which no one, especially Christians and Catholics, should take. So, all lodges, whether you want to call them ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ go through the same rites and oaths which make them all stand on the same level. Now you might tell me, if freemasonry operates in secret with such oaths, how come they have been exposed? Firstly, as I have already stated, former freemasons did. Secondly, many excellent writers have done excellent research. Thirdly, some freemasons are not good at keeping secrets!

The third point: oaths aside, which are dangerous because they create havoc on a spiritual level, what about the fact that masons swear protection of each other at all cost, which means, that if your fellow brother is being accused of a crime, you may not testify against him, and if you happened to be on the jury of his trial, you may not vote against him, even if you know that he is guilty!? Isn’t this grievous? Because freemasons take a vain oath to protect each other and then in the courtroom, they take another legitimate oath but, if it happens that they need to protect their fellow mason, then they also lie under that legitimate oath in court! Isn’t this a way to sidetrack the truth and to obstruct justice? Aren’t freemasons, in such cases, covering up for criminals and crime?

Is this the way that you want justice to be done, by applauding the so-called regular lodges when the protection of brethren is present?

The fourth point: what about the fact that they practise Deism in the lodge and other occult practice like the Kabbalah or Cabala? Can you start digging deep with twenty-four hours research?

The fifth point: what about the fact that in lodges, you find members of the judiciary, magistrates, judges, lawyers, members of the police corps, politicians, officials working in the educational sector, university lecturers and deans, doctors, bankers, scientists and business people, and in some, even the clergy, all working together and swearing to protect each other at any cost? Can you see the danger of all this? Can you also explain, how, by a touch of magic wand, many of them end up in high positions?

The sixth point: are you aware that, for example, in America, President Roosevelt had stacked the Supreme Court with freemason judges, with one particular judge, Hugo Black, who was involved in the Ku Kux Klan, writing a law so to make Catholic schools illegal in the state of Oregon?

The seventh point: are you aware of how socially and politically powerful freemasonry is? Are you aware, for example, that the law allowing the contraceptive pill in France was initiated by freemason Lucien Neuwirth? Are you aware that the first politician who tried to introduce the legalization of euthanasia in France was the freemason and French senator Henri Caillavet? Are you aware that the law on same-sex marriage was promoted by freemason and French politician Christiane Taubira? Do you wonder why these laws have popped up even in Malta? Do you realise that there is infiltration from secret societies in governments, the courts, the educational system, the health system, the media, entertainment, other institutions and anything that has to do with the administration of a nation?

The eighth point: are you aware, that hungry-for-power masons have led the government in Mexico in the early 1900s to martyr many Catholics, for example?

The ninth point: what about the handshake which they use so they can recognise each other, even when travelling? Why is it that they feel the need to work with other freemasons or worldwide lodges?

The tenth point: what makes them regular? The fact that they are under scrutiny? Under scrutiny by who? By politicians and government officials, who many are freemasons themselves? And how are they scrutinised? Simply by having a lodge publishing its annual accounts? Does the government scrutinise what happens inside a lodge which is way of a different matter?

The eleventh point: are we given the narrative of regular and irregular lodges, so that when corruption or any other evil agenda shoots out of a lodge, then we blame the irregular lodges? If there are the so-called ‘good lodges’, why don’t these speak against a bad lodge? Can they contest the bad side of freemasonry? Does the government have the true list of all those members of a lodge?

The twelfth point: what about the fact that the Masonic Order has always been anti-Catholic and against the Catholic Church, because it knows that the Catholic Church is very powerful and huge, and hence, it always wanted to destroy it? In the past, this attack was overt. This attack has then been changed into slow infiltration, whose culmination the world is experiencing today. Are you aware that freemasonry is still a threat to Christians and Christianity up till this day, or no? Can’t you see it yet? Why do you think we are going through the anti-Christian agenda? Do you think it is happening by chance? Because those who are going deeper in the rabbit hole, can see.

The thirteenth point: if freemasonry is good, why do they operate in secret? Isn’t it time for secret societies to vanish from the face of the earth?

The fourteenth point: if you think that freemasonry is good, can you provide a list of all the good things which make them good and all the so-called benevolent things that they did for the population, for each citizen, and nations?

One thing I know: there is no room anymore, in this world for secret societies and this includes freemasonry. We cannot keep on negotiating Christ and we cannot just keep bargaining our faith with their deism, their naturalism and naturalistic religion, and acceptance of everything in a society which is turning non-Catholic, non-Christian and ungodly. We also cannot keep on having these secret societies with their social and political influence and power.

Another thing I know: the minute I gave myself to Christ, I swore to myself that I will do my utmost not to remove my eyes off Him and that, I will work hard not to lose His kingdom from anything that deviates me from it, in this world whose bosom lies on Satan. In the past, I used to make excuses and stay around everyone: atheists, paganists, occultists, and the like, out of compassion, understanding, and respect. So, been there, done that. Today, I walked away, while I still send them love. Because they come with this low, vibrational, unspiritual level with an air of persuasion and do their utmost to sway you away from God. Now I surround myself with the true Christians of deed, not the false Christians of name.

Likewise, I will not sway and tolerate secret societies. Neither will I try to find excuses to justify them by coming up with the narrative of ‘regular lodges’ and the counter-narrative of ‘irregular lodges.’ There are no mid-ways and no mid-reasoning and no mid-excuses if you are a true Christian.

Needless to say, I have nothing against freemasons as individual people. The problem is freemasonry.

May all those officials who are freemasons and want to repent, come out in the public and say so.

May all those freemasons who have ears to hear the truth and eyes to open wide, guided by the Holy Spirit, leave their lodge, repent, and return to Christ.

Because Christ is not to be bargained.

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