Senator: “You have repeatedly refused to provide evidence. You’ve dodged questions on evidence from Senator Canavan, from Senator Rennick. You have relied instead on appeals to authority and other logical fallacies, including an appeal to authority. So, let’s talk about one of your experts, the Health Minister, the former Health Minister in this country said ‘We are engaged in the world’s largest clinical vaccination trial, the global vaccination trial ever.’ It’s experimental in his view. He was the Health Minister that introduced these things. Let’s go to the first question: ‘As Pfizer have covid vaccine mandates for your own employees in Australia? ‘

“At the hype of the pandemic and consistent with a guidance from Health Authorities from the New South Wales and Victorian governments, Pfizer did have a covid vaccination program for its employees.”

Senator: “Did you, did you still have it?”

“That vaccine requirement, for covid vaccination for Pfizer employees is currently present. We introduced a covid vaccination program in the interest of protecting the health and safety of our colleagues and the communities in which we serve, in which we operate.”

Senator: “We’ve read that your vaccine mandate, was using your own batch of vaccine, especially imported for Pfizer which was not tested by the TGA. Is that correct?”

“Um, Senator, so, Pfizer undertook to import our vaccines specifically for the employees vaccination program. And that was so no vaccine would be taken from government stocks. That was being delivered in clinics as needed.”

In other words. their employees were given a special batch of vaccine, not the one which was rolled out to the public.

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