The Introduction of the book ‘On the Masons and Their Lies: What Every Christian needs to know (Spiritual Warfare) – first part

Here is the introduction of the book ‘On the Masons and Their Lies: What Every Christian needs to know (Spiritual Warfare). This is important as this is coming from a former mason himself, who, we should all agree, that pretty much knows what he is writing about.

“I was ‘initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason’ on November 17th, 2014. I was ‘passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft’ on December 1st of the same year, and then ‘raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason’ on January 30th, 2015. I did not realize at the time what a profound effect these events would ultimately have on the course of my life.

I am a man full of sin, utterly unworthy of teaching on the subject of Christianity. And yet God, for reasons known only to Him, allowed me to fall into certain mistakes that I may eventually learn from my errors – and testify against them.

At the time I discovered the Lodge, I was a victim to a host of addictions and a wide array of psychological issues. Being totally empty on the inside, I was in a constant state of ‘seeking’ after whatever small morsels of truth I could discover.

That is why I became so captivated by Freemasonry. It presented to me a grand puzzle, only small pieces of which were explained to me at any given time, and my mind latched onto it as onto nothing before. I was led by the hand through a philosophical labyrinth, always believing that the truth I sought was just on the other side of one system or another.

For the first time in my life, I found myself surrounded by men with whom I could talk for hours about many interesting subjects. They were good men, hard workers, and philosophers who taught me an extraordinary amount both directly and simply by socializing with respectable people. They also given an extraordinary amount of money to charity, in such an organized and successful fashion that the Orthodox Church could – and probably should – take notes as to its efficiency.

I took to the Lodge like a duck to water, and quickly became noticed and respected for my grasp of the various occult and esoteric philosophies which I studied with my brethren. I became an Officer in 4 different bodies, assisted with the conferring of Degrees in the Scottish Rite, and lectured on occult topics to invite-only groups.

These lectures consisted on talks on topics ranging from Hermeticism and the Kabbalah to the symbolism of Baphomet, as I wove together various esoteric streams as best I could. All of this occurred with the span of 2 short years.

In 2016, I published some of my favourite occult material in the book The Secret World of Freemasonry: The Lost Truth about Freemasons, The Alchemists, and Other Secret Societies. The material consisted largely of lectures I’d delivered in-person, with extra chapters and sections meant to flesh out and connect bits and pieces of a wide range of philosophies.

At its peak, The Secret World of Freemasonry was the 2 Gnosticism ebook on Amazon, – and widely enjoyed by the Masons who read it. Not all of my fraternity brothers appreciated or cared about these topics, but the overall encouragement I received simply guided me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

But then, towards the end of 2016, an incident occurred in my life which I could never have predicted in my wildest dreams. Due to a series of events which is too long and complicated to discuss at the present time, I ended up in a Wesleyan Church trying to be healed of my degeneracy and madness.

Suffice it to say that that somehow, in the absolute depths of my darkness and despair, God decided in His endless mercy to reach down and shown me a better Way. Upon having my heart filled, I suddenly realized just how empty it had previously been. The experience felt roughly like having rolled around in mud all my life, never realizing I was dirty until God came along with a power-hose and washed me anew.”

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