There may have also been other conflicts that went unnoticed: Science discovered that many of the panel members—including Halperin—received payments or other financial support from the pharmaceutical company or significant rivals at the time of or in the year preceding the advisory meetings for consulting, travel, lectures, or research. FDA did not make these financial connections public.

Direct payments to physicians from companies whose drugs were voted on were examined in the analysis, which used physician disclosures in freely accessible publications and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services records from 2013 to 2016 on the federal Open Payments website. Due to the possibility that the entry of a new competitor onto the market or the inclusion of restrictions or warnings on the label of a new drug could have either a positive or negative impact on competing drugs, it also took into account payments from rivals selling or researching drugs of the same class or intended for the same condition. Science also investigated whether an FDA adviser received direct or indirect research funding from a company through their institution.

Such funds, including “associated research” funding, which almost always supports principal investigators, have an impact on a scientist’s ability to advance professionally, get paid, or wield influence.

Over the course of nearly 4 years, 40 of the 107 physician advisers who served on the committees under scrutiny by Science received post-hoc payments or research funding from the companies that made the drugs the panels approved or from rival businesses; 26 of these individuals received more than $100,000, and six received more than $1 million.

The 16 highest paid advisers received more than $300,000 each in personal payments or research funding from the industry totaling more than $24 million; 93% of this money came from the manufacturers of the drugs those advisers had previously reviewed or from rival companies.

In addition to or the year prior to their advisory services, the majority of those top earners—along with many others—received additional funds from those same companies. These payments weren’t disclosed by FDA, but they were in academic journals.

Can you see the corruption that there is in the Pharmaceutical industries, paid advisers, physicians etc? So the questions that follow are:

Firstly, how much money does Big Pharma give to politicians and other health representatives in order to push its agenda?

Secondly, how many millions did politicians make selling out to Big Pharma by locking down people and forcing them to take the death vax?

Thirdly, did govenments take money from Big Pharma so they all sing the same tune of lockdowns, masks, vaccines; lockdowns, masks, vaccines?

And lastly, did every world leader and/or Minister of Health took bribes from Big Pharma?

Clearly, these “public servants” sold out the nations and their people.

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