Milk from vaccinated cows and goats against Covid-19 will be sold to the public to provide immunity benefits

Uzbek scientists have reached “the conclusion that milk from cows and goats vaccinated against COVID-19 can provide humans with coronavirus immunity benefits, even after pasteurization”

“The dozen researchers behind a study that appeared on the BioRixiv preprint server for biology used a jointly manufactured Chinese-Uzbek vaccine in their experiments on animals in the Karakalpakstan region.”

 “They argue that the findings offer ‘new opportunities to establish a stable herd immunity, focusing on the development of highly effective neutralizing antibodies (nAbs).'”

“The submission includes a note of thanks to researchers at the Medical University of Vienna, who performed neutralization tests on the samples. 

The data obtained from those tests showed that milk from the animals reached a maximum neutralization activity of 40 percent on the 77th day after the date of the first coronavirus vaccination, compared to 100 percent in the blood serum of the same animals. 

The ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine developed by Chinese company Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biofarmaceutical and manufactured in Uzbekistan is a three-shot affair, and the authors of the study said the animals had reacted well to the jabs.  

‘Examination of the udder, palpation of the lymph nodes, mucous membranes and measurement of rectal temperature as well as the observation of the behavior of animals have not revealed any side effects during daily monitoring of animals after vaccination,’ the authors said. 

The authors argued that temperature control in the pasteurization process was vital in order for the milk to retain its coronavirus immunity levels.

The research was funded by Uzbekistan’s Innovative Development Ministry and comes on the heels of another reported Tashkent-Vienna anti-coronavirus collaboration that many mocking netizens refused to swallow. That solution centered on vaccine-containing tomatoes.”

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