Lovin Malta keeps on choking the Maltese masses with the climate change narrative

Lovin Malta keeps on choking the Maltese masses with the climate change agenda.

Quoting a bigilla study done by the European Commission, Lovin Malta reports that the concern of Maltese citizens about climate change “is significantly higher than the average across the European Union” where a “whopping 67% of Maltese citizens view climate change as the world’s most serious problem, in contrast to the EU27 average of 52%.” During the study, it was also concluded that Maltese citizens rated climate change as a ‘very serious problem’ with 93% of respondents.

Lovin Malta explains that this study reached a total of 504 participants across Malta with face-to-face and online interviews! With only 504 participants, how can such a study reach such a conclusion? Does this small amount reflect the overall opinion of the whole Maltese island which is overpacked like sardines in a tin?!

The article continues to read:

“The European Commission’s report also provided insights into the attitudes of Maltese citizens towards tackling climate change.

A significant majority (98%) agreed that tackling climate change and environmental issues should be a priority to improve public health, and 91% believed that more public financial support should be given to the transition to clean energies, even if it means reducing subsidies to fossil fuels.

On the question of responsibility for tackling climate change, 84% of Maltese respondents felt that national governments bear the burden, a sentiment much higher than the EU average of 56%. Similarly, 79% placed responsibility on the European Union, contrasting with the EU average of 56%.

Interestingly, the report revealed that 74% of Maltese citizens had taken action to fight climate change in the past six months. The most common actions included reducing waste, cutting down on disposable items, considering energy consumption when purchasing household appliances, and using environmentally-friendly transport alternatives.

Regarding the actions of the Maltese government on climate change, 77% of the respondents felt that their government is not doing enough, a figure that is relatively consistent with the report.

This report clearly illustrates the strong environmental consciousness among Maltese citizens and their commitment to combating climate change. It also highlights the need for both national and international authorities to heed these voices and take decisive action in addressing climate change.”

Is Lovin Malta virtue signalling? Clearly, the new definition of psyop now includes cognitive warfare where brain fog is induced through the continuous pumping of narratives like climate change, so that anything that will continue to be done by the Maltese government, will be done for the sake of the environment and your health, with the permission of the people, because they are so concerned about climate change while urging the Labour government they elected to do more.

Clearly, this article is another false flag, which will be used as a pretext to enact draconian laws in the name of climate change, for your health and for the environment.

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