Jeremy J Camilleri thinks that Christians should be tolerant of evil agendas

This is a post I came across on the Facebook page ‘Malta, News, Photos and People.’

I will not go into the discussion but I will just tackle the post of Camilleri.

Firstly, he put Christians into a category and calls them the Christians of the 10%. Dear Jeremy, ALL Christians worldwide, are against the LGBTIQA+ agenda. And please do not twist words. Christians are not against LGBTIQA+ people because Christianity is a belief, and a way of life, based on Love. It is faith and belief in One God, our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ. It is not a religion. Christians believe that we are all God’s children deserving of His mercy. Anyone who puts anything else in the middle of the conversation is simply being manipulated by the divide set in place by the enemy.

But Christians are against the evil agendas, which clearly, Jeremy Camilleri is too deceived while wearing the blindfold of atheism, to see and filter. As for Jeremy Camilleri denying our Lord the Saviour Jesus Christ, which he had done on the propaganda and brainwashing programme of Xarabank, I advise him to read this blog. I do not have energy to waste with atheists. I was myself a God denier, for a period of time, which makes me pretty much aware of how spiritually dead I was and how too stubborn I was to open my heart to God. Just like my old self is dead now and I was reborn, I understand that debating with atheists is a waste of time.

Besides the fact that this agenda and the pride parades are even opposed by the majority of the members of the LGBT community, this agenda is only the stepping stone and path to normalise paedophilia. What do you think the + mean? And this normalisation is already being fomented in schools with paedophiles being called M.A.P., for minor attracted persons. I have pointed at this in a past blog.

This agenda might unfortunately bring also a divide between heterosexual and homosexual people, in the usual modus operandi of Satan, which is that of divide and conquer. Jeremy Camilleri should start doing some research, and understand that we are in the last stages of an earthly timeline where we are fighting Satanic forces, because the world is being run by a Satanic Elite, who uphold the beliefs of Satanism. So, dear Jeremy Camilleri, it is not Christians, as you wrote, that if given the power, will take the world to regression. The world is already being regressed by the Satanic forces in power. It is also beyond my comprehension how being progressive has now been turned to mean being tolerant of everything, being permissive and disobeying divine rights and moral laws.

But, Jeremy Camilleri thinks that Christians should be tolerant of all evil agendas. Jeremy Camilleri thinks that not accepting same-sex marriage is regressive. Since when can marriage be desacrilized when the human race is sacred? Since when can same-sex couples adopt children when God created us in three, like the Holy Trinity: man, woman and child? Since when have Adam and Eve been turned to Adam and Steve or Eve and Eve? Since when do we have to accept Pride Month, which, in its own name, carries the name of ‘pride’ which is considered the original and worst of the seven deadly sins on almost every list and the most demonic. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Pride is the opposite of humility. Faith aside, I ask Jeremy Camilleri how does he feel around a proud person who is boasting all the time, and who thinks that s/he is entitled to anything? Of what are those participating in Pride Months, proud of? Of being ‘queer’?

Because, dear readers, we are currently living in a period of self-entitlement, where everybody is entitled to something. It is the “I” syndrome. However, the masses and those like Jeremy Camilleri, who, clearly, are being easily deceived, cannot understand that the world is being moved to satanic worship, because when you destroy the image of God, there is no God. Because in the “I” syndrome of self-entitlement, you do not worship anyone except yourself. So the satanic worship, in a nutshell, is about a cultural self-worship. It has nothing to do with wearing a black robe and the cross upside down and bowing in front of a statue of ‘his majesty with two horns’.

Notice how through the deceit and agenda of ‘hate speech’, people are saying that others cannot say anything that would offend them. But according to Jeremy Camilleri, ‘the 10% Christians’ do not have a right to voice their opinion against the LGBTIQA+ agenda. Yet, it is fine to offend others and it is fine to have the LGBTIQA+ parade on the Maltese roads.

But it is not fine the other way round. We need to be accepting of everything, but then Christians and their obedience to divine rights and divine laws, are not accepted. If Christians voice out their opinion against the LGBTIQA+ agenda, it means that they are speaking against sin, and yet, they are being offensive because whoever loves that sin, feels represented by that sin. And now the world has relegated sin where laws are being placed into certain sin categories.

And now, sin is being called human rights. And this is all stemming from the ‘I’ syndrome, from ‘self-entitlement’, from ‘self-worship’. Because now everything is going around human rights. So, let’s all go out naked in pride month parades, because we want to, and it is a human right! It happened. So, let’s go out in underwear in pride month parades, and twirk our arse in front of children, because it is a human right! It happened. So, let’s perform BDSM in pride month parades, because it is a human right! It happened. The world has completely changed the concept of how God has created His natural order to something that is unnatural. In order for the world to turn into one big hub of Satanic worship, there must be a destruction or complete removal of Christianity, and this is what is taking place.

Dear Jeremy Camilleri, there will come a period, in this lifetime, which is not that far away, where people will beg for God’s mercy.

Dear Jeremy Camilleri, speaking for myself, as a Christian, I am against anything that goes against God’s natural order. I obey divine laws and moral laws first, even when those are stepped upon by earthly laws. It was Christ himself, who told us “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength…And the second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” (Mark 12:29-31).  So, my priority is obedience and love towards God, the moral law giver. And I am ready to stick with this decision till the end, at all cost, and no matter what.

And if, any third party tries to oppress me into obedience of evil, earthly laws, because if I don’t, then my brain is blown up, then I would gladly say “Pull the trigger.”

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