Back in 2017, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has observed that Freemasonry’s strategy of corrupting morality in order to defeat the Catholic Church is once again very relevant. Freemasonry seeks the dissolution of morality because they believe that unless morality is corrupted, they will be unable to defeat the Catholic Church with logical arguments. In response, Bp. Schneider reflected that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was immaculately conceived, will undoubtedly crush the greatest threat of all time: the Antichrist heresy.

Inside the Vatican founder and editor Robert Moynihan reported that during some months in 2017, some Vatican officials have expressed increasing concern to him about the influence of Freemasonry:

“Moreover, during the past several months, quietly and privately on most occasions, but sometimes publicly, a word has been whispered and spoken aloud in Rome in a way unlike any other time in the 33 years that I have been writing about Vatican affairs. That word is Freemasonry.”

Moynihan went on to report a conversation he had with a retired Vatican official who expressed concern that Freemasonry has become the dominant worldview of Western ruling elites:

“The fact is that the thought of Freemasonry, which was the thought of the Enlightenment, believes Christ and his teachings, as taught by the Church, are an impediment to human freedom and self-fulfillment. And this thought has become dominant in the elites of the West, even when those elites are not officially members of any Freemasonic lodge. It is a pervasive modern worldview.”

Since 2017, there are more questions that need to be asked because it is highly unlikely that Freemasonry has abandoned its 300-year-old tradition of antagonism and opposition towards the Catholic Church. The absence of overt attacks on the Church most likely confirms reports of a shift in Freemasonry’s goals, from destruction to infiltration and subversion of the Church. Has the Church been slowly infiltrated by Freemasonry?

Are we witnessing “the complete annihilation of Catholicism and even of the Christian idea” as stated in the permanent instruction of the Alta Vendita?

2023 has seen a rise in the persecution of Christians in Nigeria, India and China. Since 3rd May, thousands of Indians in the northeastern state of Manipur, the majority of them Christians, had to flee when their homes and businesses were given fire, with 25 churches being burnt down and destroyed! Isn’t this already proof enough?

Are we going through this chaos with the liberal agendas at full speed, because the world is being ruled by Freemason Western Elites, as the retired Vatican official had stated to Robert Moynihan? After all, there were many freemason judges who were behind the contraception law and the divorce law, as I will show you in another piece. Isn’t it true that whenever we see a focus on man and his rights in the Church, as well as the marginalization of God and man’s eternal destiny, we are witnessing the ascendancy of Masonic thought and objectives in the Church? Isn’t it true that whenever we see criticism and corruption of the Church’s moral doctrine, particularly sexual and marital morality, we see the rise of Masonic thought and objectives in the Church?

Is the LGBTIQA+ agenda, the pride parades, the same-sex marriage, abortion and divorce now becoming clearer to you as to the why?

Have the Ruling Elitist Freemasons endorsed the Alta Vendita of the Carbonari, whose agendas they have slowly been bringing to fruition for the last twenty years, if not more? After all, the Carbonari themselves had written in it: “The work we are about to undertake is not the work of a day, or a month, or a year. It can last many years, perhaps a century: but in our ranks the soldier dies and the war continues.” Is the war against Catholics, Christians and the Catholic Church?

Besides the infiltration of freemasonry in the Church, has freemasonry infiltrated the Vatican and some of its officials? After all, the Carbonari had stated that the remedy that they need is “Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies; it is up to the secret societies to take the first stop towards the Church and towards the Pope, with the aim of winning them both.” Was this remedy upheld by the secret societies that followed?

The answer lies, as I have already pointed at in the last blog of the series of the speech of John Salza, at the controversial papacy of Pope Francis which, as promised, I will tackle in a series in the near future.

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