Global internet censorship has begun by the EU and Google

Times of Malta has reported that “the world’s biggest digital companies will have nowhere to hide starting Friday [that is yesterday 25th August], when the toughest EU rules on online content since social media first burst onto the scene enter into force.”

“The landmark law is part of the European Union’s legal arsenal deployed to bring tech companies to heel and enforce order in what officials have described as an online ‘Wild West'”.

“The Digital Services Act (DSA) forces companies to more aggressively police digital content and protect online users from disinformation and hate speech, or face the risk of heavy fines.”

What the Times of Malta should clarify is that in a nutshell, anything that is not as per their terms and conditions, will be censored under the umbrella of ‘disinformation’ and ‘hate speech’ which also follows the instructions given by the United Nations. This means more censorhip in the communist path we are being led to.

As from yesterday, all eyes will be on how the platforms comply and how the DSA will affect online life in Europe, with the usual experts predicting that it could spark a wave of change that extends beyond the EU.

Suzanne Vegnolle, a professor of technology law at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Paris stated that “the DSA is part of a bigger strategy to give more power to individuals, to the regulators, to civil society” adding that “it is another step towards more accountability.”

“Under the DSA, sites like the Amazon Store, Apple’s AppStore, and Google’s Play, Maps and Shopping, and clothing retailer Zalando, as well as the social media giants Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter (now rebranded X) and the search engines from Google and Microsoft’s Bing, “with at least 45 million active monthly users must obey more stringent rules including annual compliance audits and a duty to effectively counter disinformation.”

Parallel with this, we also have Google which has announced worldwide ban on independent media from search results.

According to LaToya Drake, head of Google News Lab, Google has also partnered with the UN, WHO and other globalist organizations in a censorship tool.

What is Google News Lab? It is “a team within the Google News Initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists to fight misinformation” and other things. And, the Google News Initiative (“GNI”) “works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation.” has reported: “Below are the short descriptions from GNI’s ‘About’ page.  The titles are misleading.  For example, following the ‘Our partners’ hyperlink contained in the words ‘learn more’ does not lead to a list or overview of its partners.  It leads to ‘Case Studies’: Some ‘stories’ about ‘how news organisations around the world are growing their news coverage and digital businesses.’  After which Google advertises some other of its products and invites the reader to ‘sign up for our newsletter.'”

Are we in the era of George Orwell’s Doublethink and Doublespeak?

On 9th August, Swiss software developer Dejan Georgiev tweeted: “Google’s new global censorship tool was introduced today [7 August] at 9:10 am via an email press release.”

In a video published earlier this month, LaToya Drake has “encouraged ‘fact-checkers’ and journalists to explore the digital tools designed specifically for them to help ‘verify the authenticity and accuracy’ of online images, videos, and reports.

“Far from the noble intention of assisting with the factual verification of information online, Geogiev wrote that Google’s algorithms are designed to delete websites that criticise topics such as Covid-19 statistics, the World Bank, the FBI’s crime statistics, PharmGKB, a one-world government, Global warming statistics provided by the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change based in Geneva, Switzerland), World Health Organisation‘s findings, United Nation’s Energy Statistics Database (carbon emissions), Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas reports., The Anheuser Bush Baldwinsville Brewery and Stanford University’s DeepSolar.

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