Fr. Charles Murr on the Freemasonic invasion of the Roman Curia- the heresy of the Church

Fr. Charles Murr is a seventy-five-year old American Roman Catholic priest, author, linguist, educator, raconteur and founder of an Orphanage in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Because of his activities at this orphanage, he was awarded with two notable honours back in 1985: that of “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World” award and the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” award.

It was in the autumn of 1983 when he was sent to Beirut to assist in the release of the kidnapped victim Youssef el-Khoury, the Archbishop of Tyre, a mission that was successful in obtaining the archbishop’s release.

Fr. Murr is a former secretary to Edouard Cardinal Gagnon and worked at the Vatican in the 1970s. During that time, Murr befriended Mother Pascalina Lehnert, the housekeeper of Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) for 41 years, from Pacelli’s time as Papal Nuncio in Germany in the 1920s to his death as Pope in 1958. Thus, Fr Murr could give a bird’s-eye view of events that happened inside the Vatican — including events and figures surrounding the liturgical reform. 

On 24th May 1993, when Murr was still in charge of the orphanage, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, Juan Jesus Cardinal Posadas Ocampo was brutally murded by drug lords of the Guadalajara Cartel. On that same day, Fr Charles Murr was advised to resign from his Mexican diocese and was offered incardination in the Archdiocese of New York. He was then a pastor of St Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church and pastor of St. Lucy Roman Catholic Church. Both are in Manhattan, New York. On 2nd April 2004, he resigned from his post as pastor of Saint Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church because of financial and administrative problems with the parish’s elementary school, St. Francis Academy, which closed in 2007.

In 2012, he became Founder and President of The YEPES Y ALVAREZ Legal Defense Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization which assists in select legal defense cases. In 2013, he founded The VERITAS Foundation for Justice, Inc., a non-profit corporation which has as one of its major scopes to investigate, collect data, and assist victims of grave social injustice.

Here is what he has to say about the infiltration of freemasonry in the clergy and how freemasonry has corrupted the same clergy during an interview with host Joe McClane.

Joe McClane: “Fr Charles Murr is our guest today. One of his book out is ‘Murder in the 33 degree’. Very few of us have the kind of actual, concrete information at the highest level than Fr Charless Murr and he joins us now. Good morning to you, Father Murr.”

Father Murr: “Good morning Joseph. Thank you very much for having me.”

Joe McClane: “Praise be to God. Thanks for your time today. I’ve very excited to have this conversation. As someone who was a Freemason, my father is still an active Freemason, unfortunately, pray for him, so this is obviously a subject near and dear to my heart. So, I want to start with, when we talk about Freemasons in the Vatican, what are we talking about exactly? Do we mean members of the lodge who go to a lodge; they went through ceremonial rituals of the freemasons, and is there a difference between Freemasons in Europe and what see elsewhere?”

Father Murr: “Where to begin? Those are great questions. There should be a distinction between European Freemasonry and American Freemasonry. I would say this: European Freemasonry beginning historically in London and certainly moving to France, to Italy, to Germany, to Spain, to all of Europe, has the connotation of republicanism. Let me explain that: we’re not talking democrats and republicans, here, at all. We’re talking Republicans as against the monarchy. And every country in Europe had a Republican revolution. And the French Revolution was a Republican revolution. The Italian revolution – il Risorgimento – was a Republican revolution. One of the greatest newspapers in Italy is La Repubblica, with Masonic roots. These people, the European Freemasons are very anti-Catholic, seriously anti-Catholic, not just they don’t like Catholics, they would love very much to destroy Catholicism. Note here Joe that I say this: destroy Catholicism as a belief system, as a religion, not destroy the Catholic church. The structure would be very worthwhile to them to have all over the world. There probably is no other organisation in the entire world, you can throw the CIA and KGB and FBI and everybody else in there with it. There is probably no better organised fountain of information and world communication than the Vatican Diplomatic Corps and the Catholic Church. It’s all over the world. It has contacts on the ground, information is quick to be had, and quick to be given out. That’s why there were so many nations which wanted diplomatic relations with the Vatican, for their very source of information. Now, when I say that there is a difference between the American and European Freemasonry – American Freemasonry, yes, for the most type, yes it is anti-Catholic, there’s no question about it. I’ve had family members involved as members of Freemasonry who gave up their faith, renounced their faith to become freemasons. It was that important to them. But it was also, and I think this should be underscored, it was important to them business-wise. It was important to them to get ahead in business, to make social contacts that would eventually help them establish and grow their businesses. European Freemasonry is about ideology, and controlling schools, churches, governments – having everything under control. And I think, without belabouring the point too much, I seem to find the roots of Freemasonry in Gnosticism. One of the greatest and first heresies of the Catholic Church is ‘We know something that you don’t know. We’ve got a secret knowledge that only we can and that only we have, and those people we’d like to have as members have, and that’s it and we rule with that.”

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