On digging deeper into the Maui fire situation, there are two things google no longer shows because of the ‘news on the fire’.

The first is that back in January of this year, there was the Maui Smart City Summit.

The second is that next month, exactly on 25th September, there will be held a Digital AI government summit. Apparently, this summit is held in Honolulu each year. So, according to their version, this has nothing to do with the tragedy that happened this year. According to the Chief Information Officer of the State of Hawaii, Douglas Murdock “At the 2023 Hawaii Digital Government Summit, attendees will have unique opportunities to share ideas, celebrate best practices, and hear about the latest technology trends. This year’s summit will bring together public sector and industruy innovators to better understand and navigate these ever changing and challenging times.” He added that he is excited ” to hear thought provoking, inspiring speakers, and have meaningful discussions.”

The website added that this “Digital Government Summit brings together technology focused public-sector professionals with leading industry partners to connect on innovative approaches, get inspired and discover new technologies.”

It also added a recent note which reads:

Note: Misleading social media posts have been circulating falsely asserting that the Hawaii Digital Government Summit, which is held in Honolulu each year, is aimed at transforming Maui into the first smart island. These claims are incorrect and do not align with the summit’s annual focus. The event is designed to facilitate collaboration among public and private sector IT professionals, encouraging the exchange of best practices and innovative solutions to enhance the support and services provided to the constituents they serve.

Then, the organisers and website must explain the below information from the unelected body the World Economic Forum which showed us the plans for their transformation of Hawaii which date back to 2017 and 2018:

What are the readers’ thoughts?

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