Father Mitchell Pacwa on Freemasonry – on the Masonic persecution of the Catholic church and how Masonry infiltrated the courts.

“And the role of the Church is not only negotiable, they look upon the Church as an enemy. There’s an inimical relationship with the Catholic Church that goes back, now, I would say this: the Masonic Lodge of the Orient, the French Masonic Lodge of the Orient, is far more anti-clerical and hates the Church more vehemently. But you go through Albert Pike and the other basic writers and commentators on the Masonic Lodge, and you will see that their Rejection of the Catholic Church is just as strong. And it’s not only a few writers here and there.

In my own country, the United States. members of the Masonic Lodge have gotten into our Supreme Court, especially since a mason, namely Franklin Delano Roosevelt, stacked the court with more masons and they did everything they could to isolate the government and public life from the church. It was a Masonic judge, Hugo Black, who before he was a supreme court justice in the United States wrote a law to make Catholic schools illegal in the state of Oregon. And his goal was to make Catholic schools illegal in that state and then in all the states. They took it to the Supreme Court before he was on the court, and they won.

Later, when he was on the Supreme Court, he wrote decisions that tried to alienate the Catholic schools from any kind of aid and he came up with a phrase that is not in our constitution at all but it is in the teaching of the Masonic Lodge and one of its other presidential members, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson had written that there’s a wall of seperation between the Church and the state. Now when he wrote that, he actually wrote it to say that the Church needs to be and can be protected from interference by the State. But, justice Hugo Black who not only was a mason but especially as was true of the Masonic Lodge of that period which was very racist, he was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan of the state of Alabama back in the 1930s. Right before he was put to the Supreme Court by the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and this gentleman did a lot of work in order to get Catholicism in particular but other religions as well separated from the government and throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s, decisions were made by these Masonic judges to increase the seperation between the Church and the State and to make the role of the Church very much reduced, in public life.

Now, that was just a small thing. We’re still strong in the United States. But, it cannot compare to the wickedness perpetrated by the Masonic Lodge against the Catholic Church with an open, violent, bloody and murderous persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico. In Mexico, the Masonic Lodge dominated the government since the 1860s, probably the 1850s, not long after the liberation from Spain, and by the early 1900s, they began a persecution of the Catholic Church. They even went so far as to make wine illegal in Mexico to make sure the mass could not be celebrated.
And anybody caught with a bottle of wine, could be arrested and put in prison, because they suspected it would be use for mass, and they were usually right. But a number of Catholics, laymen, religious, and clergy, by the thousands, were martyred at the hands of the Masonic government because they looked upon the Catholic Church as an enemy. Now, that’s our first objection to the Masonic Lodge.”

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