What is the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita of the Carbonari?

The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita (commonly referred to as the Alta Vendita, “high marketplace”) is a document first published in Italian in 1859 that some Catholics claim was produced by the highest lodge of the Italian Carbonari and written by an author who wrote under the pseudonym “Piccolo Tigre” (“Little Tiger”). He is also claimed to be the author of other 19th century Masonic documents. According to Monsignor George F. Dillion, a proponent of the theory a Masonic war against Christian civilisation, this pseudonym is supposedly of a Jewish Freemason.

It was Pope Pius IX who had pushed for the Alta Vendita to be made public. In 1859, it was first published in Jacques Crétineau-Joly’s book L’Église romaine face à la Révolution. Monsignor George F. Dillon’s 1885 book War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization popularized the document in the English-speaking world.

John Vennari had examined the Alta Vendita in a monograph:

In the next pieces, we will go through the contents of this masonic blueprint for the subversion of the Catholic Church.


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