Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel scolds harshly the so-called Church leaders.

“Because a shepherd, a leader in the church, that put himself before Jesus Christ, must fall and destroys the sheep. But a true shepherd is the one who puts Christ first, then him. Because I only get my strength, I only get my wisdom, I only get my energy, I only get my food, I only get my life, and my glory and everything from Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one else. So the leader of Leo Dikia, you’re saying that you are rich and you have become wealthy and you are in need of no one. So you are not in need of God Jesus Christ and you want to lead the flock of Christ and you want to lead the church of Christ without Christ? Have you become the head? Have you lost your mind? Can anyone remove Jesus from His position? Can anyone take Jesus Christ’s place? There is only one head to the body. The Church is the body of Christ and St Paul tells us in Ephesians 5 and Christ is the head of the Church. But we’ve become the head. Come to me, what’s your problem? Go and pay this much and I’ll give you whatever you want because I’ve got the keys. Whatever I tie it’s tied in heaven. And whatever is loose, is loosened in heaven. We are buying and selling in the house of the Lord. We have snatched the love of God the Father and given it to ourselves as leaders in the Church. Shame on us! And I’m the number one. Shame on us!

Love is supposed to be given back to God, only! Glory is the cross. What is cross? Humility. What is humility? Self-denial. Because the cross is death and what is death? I’m no longer in existence. When I die, I don’t exist anymore. Nobody will see me on the face of this earth. So, what is death in the biblical language, in the biblical terminology? Death equals self-denial. Self-denial is humility. What is humility? Humility leads you to wisdom and knowledge leads you to love. The moment we snatch the knowledge of God, and give it to us, we are making people knowing us, not God.

A leader, that makes people love him and not Jesus Christ, is a failure of a leader. And he’s nothing but a miserable being. He is another Caiaphas. Caiaphas made the people of his time love him not Yahweh. That’s why they were enslaved and that’s why the church is being enslaved one more time by Caesar, the ruler of the world, Satan. Because the Church leaders have sold their Christ, sold Him. Sold Him for their prestigious places, sold Him for their thrones, sold Him for their crown of glories, sold Him for their stars of their shoulders, sold Him for their name, fame; sold Him for their own empires which they have created and established on earth.

Today, the church is measured to be either rich or poor by what it has in properties. My goodness! We’ve lost the plot.

Ok, let’s come and see what this church is all about. How many churches do you have? How many buildings do you have? How many properties do you have? How many businesses do you have? How much money are you generating! Whoa you’re making millions and billions, now that’s what I call a church. Look, honestly I am lost for words nowadays. The Church has been seen as poor and weak when it has faithfuls for Christ. Ah, you are old fashioned! Ah, you are so behind. Are you still kneeling and praying? Are you still fasting? Are you out of your mind? Enjoy life brother. Enjoy life. What fasting? What kneeling? What praying? Shame on such leaders and shame on such so-called Christianity!

We have betrayed our Master. We have betrayed our Lord. We have sold Him for peanuts! We have sold Him for a second of pleasure and lust in the core of Satan. Shame.

No one can take me away from my sweetheart Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My God. My Lord. My Saviour. My Redeemer. The one and only. I am in love with You, in purity and holiness. You are the love of my life, Jesus. And I will always shout Hallelujah to Your Holy Name. For as long as You give me the breath of life, for as long as You give me the strength, for as long as You show me the way and grab my hand and lead me and guide me, I am indebted to You my sweetheart Jesus forever and ever and eternities to come. Amen and a million, zillion Amen.”

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