A Former, high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza on how the apparitions at Fatima and Quito warned us that a masonic ideology will enter into the church through an ecumenical council and will inspire its leaders to abandon tradition and lead souls to damnation.

“We’ve also had a different expression of the Catholic faith in the 20th century. We’ve had a new mass that was concocted out of thin air by Ani Bali Bonini whose own autobiography provides evidence that he was a freemason. And it’s no surprise that the Ottaviani Commission said that the Bonini mass does not reflect the theology of the mass as dogmatized by the Council of Trent.

The pope also allowed six objective heretics who reject the theology of the mass to consult on putting the new mass together. Utter confusion in the Church. Remember Our Lady warned at Quito about the corruption of the customs. What about the novelties that have come into the church in the 20th century? Communion in the hand while standing, the priest facing the people, altar girls, a vernacular cannon said aloud, protestant hymns, again a corruption of the ecclesiastical customs of the church. We now have high churchmen praying with protestants and jews and pagans as if we’re all on the same level without any exhortation to join the catholic church to save their souls. And yet these same high churchmen viewed Father Gruner, viewed the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X and other faithful Catholics who hold the faith of all time as outside the church. Only the devil is the author of such confusion.

And third we have the morality. Remember the warnings at Quito: heresy, impiety, and impurity. And so what do we have in the twentieth century? We have a clerical, sexual abuse crisis in the church unlike anything we’ve ever seen, where paedophile and sodomite priests are free to roam and commit crimes against children. Our Holy Father Pope Benedict, in spite of what the media says, is certainly doing something about this. This reminds me of the future pope Pius XII’s warning against the suicide of altering the faith of the church in her liturgy and her theology and in her very soul. There has been a masonic revolution in the Catholic church in the 20th century. There’s been a reorientation of the church to the world since 1960, the year that the third secret was going to be revealed. In fact, I’m being kind when I call it a reorientation because Sister Lucia called it a diabolical disorientation. She used that term so many times, one wonders whether that terminology is actually part of the third secret.

All of this is tied to the message of Fatima and the failure to heed Our Lady’s requests. So, in conclusion, we now know why Our Lady has warned us of freemasonry. These messages are at the heart of Quito and Fatima. We also know that there is a part of a text that has not been revealed. That’s beyond dispute. We even know the nature of that text but characteristics about the text. 25 lines, one sheet of paper, Portuguese idioms sealed, you’re going to hear all about this, this week. But the warning at Fatima and at Quito was that a masonic ideology will enter into the church presumably through an ecumenical council and will inspire its leaders to abandon tradition and lead souls to damnation.”

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