Arnold Cassola is using his Facebook page to raise awareness of the dirty and derelict places that this country has been plagued with, thanks to lawlessness, allowed by the local councils and the government. Here are a few:

[Can’t we have a law which makes smokers carry special, portable containers in which they must throw the buds in them?]

Woe on the government and local councils, that have allowed my beautiful country to get to this state!

Woe on the government and local councils, that refuse to discipline the citizens in matters which truly matter!

Woe on the government and local councils, for this lethargy!

Woe on the citizens, who refuse to learn and respect public spaces!

Woe on the citizens, who clearly, do not love their country!

My beautiful island, which can easily be a heaven on earth, considering its size and being surrounded by the healing properties of the sea, has been turned into a concrete, squalid, densely populated, derelict shit hole thanks to the liberals and their disastrous economy, greed, money laundering hand in hand with tax evasion, misappropriation of money, and undisciplined, traitorous citizens who lack love towards my country.

It is time for the patriots to get together and take it in their hands to take back what is theirs: this beautiful island.

If they are just happy grumbling because in their frame of mind, there is nothing they can do, then it is clear that they are happy to tolerate and live with apes. If you live with apes, isn’t it harder to remain clean?

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