A Former high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza on how Religious Liberty is at the heart of the problem of the Church, which liberty is at the heart of the teachings of Freemasonry.

“Now, let’s recall Our Lady’s warning at Quito which prefigured Fatima. Remember that she said freemason will reign. Satan will reign, almost exclusively, through freemasonry in the 20th century and the church would be punished, for heresy, impiety, and impurity. And these things have been confirmed by our Lady at Fatima. So, what have we seen since 1960, the year that the third secret was to be revealed? Well, we had a council which decided not to condemn errors for the first time. To confirm doctrine, the church has always condemned the errors that affect the doctrine. And yes, this didn’t happen, especially Russia’s errors of communism and atheism, again at the very time the secret was to be revealed.

There was a failure in expressing doctrine on a pastoral level. This is none of, this is dogmatic as we know we’re definitive but on a pastoral level. Instead of using the precision that the church has always used, they use the ambiguous phraseology, and many examples could be given for example the word ‘subsist’ – that the church of Christ subsists in the Catholic church giving the impression that the church of Christ is somehow larger than the Catholic church, that it also includes heretics who reject the papacy. That’s not what the council said but these type of ambiguous phrases lend themselves to modernist interpretations.

The council also gave unprecedented favourable opinions to non-Catholic religions which are obstacles to salvation, all evincing a masonic spirit of unity over truth. In fact, we might even maintain the council issued a new council, again not dogmatic or definitive but only a policy or an attitude toward religious liberty where the council said for the very first time that man, has a right, not just a freedom, not just a subjective freedom, psychological liberty but an objective natural right based on his dignity and nature to religious liberty. How can that be? Man does not have a right, a God-given right to disobey God. Man does not have a right to worship outside the church.

Russia adopted this view of religious liberty in 1997 and this has caused Catholics from being able to evangelise in Russia. And religious liberty I think is at the heart of the problem of the church and it’s certainly at the heart of the teachings of Freemasonry.

In fact, we have masons praising the teachings of the second Vatican council. The French freemason, Yves Marsaudon wrote a book called Ecumenism viewed by a Traditional Freemason and he says, and I quote: ‘All roads lead to God and this free thinking pouring forth from masonic lodges has spread magnificently over the dome of Saint Peter’s.

When freemasons are praising the teachings of an ecumenical council, there’s something wrong with the ecumenical council.”

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