The Trial of David Gatt – why is he mentioned again in the Degiorgios’ press release for a series of crimes for which he was acquitted from court?

In another blog, I pointed out that there is a particular past court case which we must go back to and analyse, bit by bit while we ask questions in a conversation téte-à-téte with Lady Justice. This is the court case of ‘the village lawyer’ David Gatt whose name, we have seen, has again come up in the Degiorgios’ press release.

At the time, David Gatt was arrested at his legal office, as he was “a lawyer in the firm of Labour MP Chris Cardona.” Both were mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release.

Gatt was accused of complicity in four attempted robberies: “the 2007 hold-up of the Balzan HSBC branch, in which around €1 million had been stolen, an attempted hold-up of a security van carrying €2.8 million at Santa Venera in 2010, another failed hold-up at HSBC’s Rużar Briffa Centre at Qormi that same year and an attempted hold up of a jewellery shop in Attard.”

“The 2010 heist at the high-security HSBC centre had culminated in a shootout with police, in which nobody was injured.”

“Gatt was also accused of assisting his accomplice Fabio Psaila to escape from police custody, arranging for medical treatment for Darren Debono, another accomplice who had suffered gunshot wounds in the failed Attard robbery and with attempting to prevent Dr John Zammit Montebello, who had treated Debono, from contacting the police.”

David Gatt was acquitted from the charges. This will be analysed in detail throughout this series.

And yet, our village lawyer is mentioned again by the Degiorgio brothers in their press release when they wrote that they are ready to reveal “information regarding certain other serious crimes such as the HSBC heist in 2010” and they included David Gatt as one of the persons involved, together with other “prominent persons who up to this day are being given full protection.” 

And yet, our village lawyer is also described by the Degiorgios as that one, “who was very active” among people who used them.

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