The Chamber of Advocates showed solidarity with Dr Victoria Buttigieg. Will actions be taken against Jason Azzopardi?

At least, this time, the Chamber of Advocates, has come out publicly showing solidarity with the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg “following personal attacks in her regard”. Is it referring to the post of Jason Azzopardi, which I will tackle in another piece?

I suggest the Chamber of Advocates to click on such post and read the comments that such post generated by the general public. I was saddened to read.

In the article of TVM News, one reads that:

“The Chamber of Advocates has expressed its solidarity with the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg following personal attacks in her regard.

In a statement, the Chamber of Advocates referred to a social media post circulated in the past days regarding the behaviour of the Attorney General in the carrying out of her duties in relation to the ongoing Magisterial Inquiry into Jean Paul Sofia’s death.

The Chamber of Advocates conceded that the Attorney General is not above criticism, and that everyone is free to express one’s opinion against the actions of the Attorney General’s Office.

However, the chamber called for maturity in the way criticism is expressed, and said that it is never acceptable for the Attorney General to be attacked on a personal level.

The Chamber stated that certain comments lacking in respect damage the people’s trust in the institutions.”

I found the same information on the page

Pardon my question, but did the Chamber publicly mention and condemn Jason Azzopardi? I am asking because I did not find Azzopardi’s name anywhere. I do not know if this has been missed by the media or if his name was left out deliberately. I happened to be just asking, for clarification.

As for the statement of the Chamber that “certain comments lacking in respect damage the people’s trust in the institutions”, I tend to more say that such comments are not only disrespectful but tend to be a direct character assassination. Please note that the people’s trust in the institutions has long gone and faded.

What about the Chamber coming all out defending all lawyers who are under attack, irrespective of who they are, so that the first step towards trust in the institutions is made, instead of the pick and choose attitude which I have pointed at in another piece?

Will actions against Jason Azzopardi be taken, for the deplorable post against Dr Victoria Buttigieg?

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