The attitude of the PN and the Chamber of Advocates towards the Attorney General Dr Victoria Buttigieg is none other than hypocritical and a strategy to eliminate her

The PN is in a non-existent class of its own because this class still has to be invented. Any author out there who would like to write about the PN, won’t have to fret shall the inspiration to write a book about it rises. All s/he would have to do is give it the title “Partit Ninni” and leave the rest of the pages empty.

Yesterday the Malta Independent has reported that this same non-existent party has asked for the resignation of the Attorney General, Dr Victoria Buttigieg, because according to this brainless party, Dr Buttigieg “has breached the code of ethics when she passed on information related to the magisterial inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia to the Prime Minister and Justice Minister.” Excuse me, but wasn’t she doing her job?

This statement was signed by the brother of the Repubblichini chief, Karol Aquilina, of the ‘fardal’ and ‘brother’ exchange with freemason and ex-magistrate Carol Peralta:

Then we also had the Chamber of Advocates, as the news portal added that “the Chamber of Advocates on Thursday expressed concern that information that was solely available to the AG had been passed on to the PM.”

This is the same Chamber which, we all know, came out unjustly attacking the magistrate Joe Mifsud for the comments that he had done during the court case of Jeremie Camilleri, who is accused of killing Pelin Kaya, but which then never defended Christian Borg’s lawyer, Dr Albert Zerafa when the latter was attacked by the puppet of the coalition cult, Mark Camilleri, simply for being the brother of the prime minister’s wife. This is the same Chamber which never came out publicly defending the lawyers of Yorgen Fenech when they were persecuted by the media to have their name tarnished. This is the same Chamber which never came out publicly defending the lawyer of the Degiorgio brothers, Dr William Cuschieri, when the latter was also persecuted by the media, simply because he is defending the brothers. Because for the media, citizens are not equal in front of the law and do not have the right to be represented in court! This Chamber should change its name to “The Chamber of Some Advocates”.

But then, the Chamber of Advocates came all out defending Jason Frejjeġ u Gideb Azzopardi of the Opus Dei, because the ‘poor’, ‘innocent’ lawyer who does not even know what the meaning of integrity and honesty is, was ridiculed by a satiric poster which Christian Borg had put up. This behaviour of the Chamber of Advocates is not only one of a pick and choose but hypocritical and unprofessional! This selective behaviour is also a very dangerous one, considering that Azzopardi has breached the law when he passed on chats to the same puppet of the coalition cult, about Yorgen Fenech and Rosianne Cutajar, on which there is a court ban during an ongoing court case! And this is a very grievous matter on which nothing has been done! This is a worrying concern! And yet, the Chamber of Advocates didn’t express concern about this. And yet, the Chamber of Advocates was as silent as the grave about it.

By any chance, is the Chamber of Advocates another sympathiser with the untouchable Caruana Galizia family?

So, why doesn’t the President of the Chamber of Advocates, resign, and with it, the PN should tag along? So hopefully we have a reshuffle of this Chamber and a new, fresh political party for the Maltese nation?

This is clear that everything is being done to have Dr Victoria Buttigieg removed. And who do you suggest should take her place? Her pompous deputy Philip Galea Farrugia?

Listen, do me a favour. If anyone thinks that Dr Victoria Buttigieg is going to keep on being attacked and I will stay here quiet, keep on dreaming. Because I am going to repeat myself: I know Dr Buttigieg from when we were university students and I know her of a very quiet, honest, and integral nature. Whenever anyone attacks Dr Buttigieg, anyone will have to deal with me.

If ever you want to investigate anything, why don’t you start studying the cracks that are present in the Attorney General Office, because I am sure that its walls can tell a lot of stories that happened even under the PN reign. All you need to do is go through past court cases.

Moreover, why don’t you question the maneouvres that run in this office, by the so many secret hands that do the work but hide themselves from the public but for which Dr Victoria Buttigieg has to be the frontwoman?

So, please, do me a favour, leave Dr Victoria Buttigieg alone because your attitude is hypocritical and just another strategic plan to eliminate her.

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