Profs Richard Werner, former WEF ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’ turned whistleblower explains how the CBDC is an invasion of freedom, privacy, and bodily autonomy.

Professor Richard Werner is a PhD in Economics from Oxford University, with multiple other achievements and he worked with the bank of Japan and the Japanese government bace in the nineties. He is also the one who created the concept of Quantitative Easing. He is also a former World Econonic Forum ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow,’ turned whistleblower. In the below footage, he xplains how the CBDCs will eventually be stored on small microchips implanted beneath the skin, while Universal Basic Income will be used to bribe people to accept this flagrant invasion of their freedom, privacy, and bodily autonomy.

He also adds that this technology was ready and available in 2015 but they have delayed the agenda while implementing various crises so to soften the masses up, so that they eventually, will accept it.

“They have literally delayed the agenda, because it is so important to them, they have been very careful about the timing, and they’ve waited a little bit longer and said ‘this crisis first, oh let’s have Covid first’, you know, soften them up, and it has been delayed. Because the technology was really ready around 2015 to be rolled out. And what people won’t mention is ‘What does this CBDC actually look like?’ You know, at the moment there’s a little bit of talk about being phone-based apps, and yes that is the initial phase. But, what was already ready around 2015 is the ultimate goal, what they really want, apparently, I was told by the central bankers, is, you know, CBDCs look like a small, grain of rice, that they want to put under your skin, which is my view of violation of human dignity and they realise there is a hurdle. So, to get people to accept this, there will be. Why suddenly all the billionaires are saying ‘let’s have Universal Basic Income’? Because the story is gonna be – we have created this vast unemployment and then disruption and crises. Well, we need Universal Basic Income. You will get €2000 into your account every month. Of course, to run this efficiently, to use the latest technology, so, you know, you need the CBDC chip implant. But how many people will say ‘Ok, fine. 2000 pounds, €2000 in a month’/”

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