British MP Andrew Bridgen in Parliament: 86% of WHO’s funding comes from external sources like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and GAVI

While speaking in the UK parliament, MP Andrew Bridgen, says how 86% of WHO funding comes from external sources, including the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and GAVI, who are also the largest investors in Big Pharma.

He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

Do you still think that anything that the WHO orders, is uncompromised and for your health and safety?

Do you still think that your health is their priority?

Doesn’t this mean that there is a strong, external influence on the WHO’s policy?

And this is the same international organisation, at the whim of the United Nations, which will take over the sovereignty of all nations via the Pandemic Treaty, and will be the arbiter of what ‘the science’ is.

Doing nothing, and staying neutral, is not an option.

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