My heartfelt, humble appeal to those elected for the public inquiry for the late Jean Paul Sofia

In accordance with the Inquiries Act, Robert Abela has appointed retired Judge Joseph Zammit McKeon, Auditor General Charles Deguara and court expert and architect Mario Cassar to be in charge of the Public Inquiry for the late Jean Paul Sofia.

Please allow me to make a heartfelt, humble appeal to you: God elected you for a reason. Allow God to guide you, equip you and strengthen you throughout, for true justice to be served; so that a beautiful, young life would not have perished in vain and for more lives to be saved. You are in three because three is a powerful number, like the Trinity is in three.

You are in my prayers. God bless you.

In Christ, Marica

(My apologies to Mr Cassar but I could not find a photo)

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