His Grace Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is the head of Christ the Good Shepherd Church, in Australia. Mar Mari Emmanuel is originally Assyrian and his church is an Assyrian Church of the East. As a parish, it keeps to the Divine Liturgy of Addai and Mari, which are part of the “East Syriac Rite also used by Chaldean Catholics, the Ancient Church of the East and the corresponding traditional and Catholic Churches in India.” The Church serves Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, with Love, Mercy, and Unity with Apostolic Lineage.

His Grace is followed by a huge audience on his Youtube channel and his speeches are shared by many on Tik Tok. On reading the comments, one can also see that various people from various religions follow him, who respect him and whom he helped getting to know Christ and even regaining the faith.

He is one of the few ordained clergy, who spoke all out against Covid-19, as featured in the Daily Mail but which, described him falsely as orthodox when he is not. You will also find some youtube channels describing him as such. I will be producing various articles about his speeches, with the aim of touching hearts, like he has touched mine.

Here he is talking about the LGBTIQA+ agenda:

“Enroll your kids from the ages of four to thirteen. Very vital to instill Christ in the hearts and the minds of our beautiful angels. We need to equip them because the educational system is being infiltrated. An eleven-year-old angel came to his mum and said ‘Mum, am I a male or a female because that’s what they are teaching me at school. You can’t say male, female, or you’re insulting. Ah, get a life! Get a life! You Minister of Education, get a life! Do you think you came out of a male and a male and a female and a female? Are you sick in the head or are you? Which one? Every human being knows they came from a male and a female. How dare you? How dare you, you tell me what to teach my child? I need a fish burger. Now you’re a boy, you’re a male. You’re a girl, you’re a female. And you can say that. Sick world, man. Sick world.

If you ask any human being, whether they are Christians or not, human beings. Put religion aside. If I ask any human being ‘Is the human race, as a race, is it sacred or not?’ Everyone will say ‘Yes, it’s sacred. You can’t talk about my race, you’re insulting me. My race is sacred. How dare you talk about my race.’ Ok! Then, how come on one hand, you are making the race sacred and you are desacralising marriage? Where did this race come from? What is the foundation of the race? Isn’t it marriage? If there was no marriage, was there going to be a race? No! So how come marriage is desacralised and race is sacred? Where is the fairness in this? Where is it? And everyone knows we came from parents Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

So all of a sudden I am discriminating if I talk about my faith, my belief. I have no right. But someone else has the right to say whatever they want, no problem. But the moment I say ‘I’m a Christian and I believe in this, all of a sudden I am judgmental, I’m a discriminative person, I am bad, get him!'”

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