Geologist Professor Ian Plimer on how green policies lead to killing people.

I won’t go into what drives this zubi – gave his 20 points absolutely magnificent. And he didn’t really go into the mainstream media. There was once a time when it was a calling to be a journalist. We’ve got one or two of them here who had breakfast this morning with Piers Ackerman – he’s one of those – our Sky Team is here – but most journalists now are activists. They are stenographers for the greens and that’s what you’re up against. So, what does this attack led to? It’s got nothing to do with the environment. It’s got nothing to do with climate. It’s all about power by unelected people and all about money. And they are attacking your freedoms. They are attacking our environment. They are attacking your wallet. They’re taking the money from the poor and giving it to the rich.

So, this is what we’re up against. We’re up against those who lie. We’re up against those who are fraudulent and cook the books.

So, why do I write books, like ‘Green Murder’? Well, that’s exactly what it is. Green policy leads to people dying. Imagine this winter in England if you’re a pensioner. You can afford perhaps to heat one room; perhaps to have a hot meal and perhaps to have a warm shower but you can’t have all three. Now this is a great country that’s been destroyed by green policies.

We are killing people with green policies. So, I write books like this such that you can end up like me – I mean what a horrible thought and perverse thought for you to end up like me, but you too can be cancelled. You too can be stopped from talking at universities. You too cannot be invited to dinner parties. You too can not have any mainstream bookseller sell this. You can is a place to go for it our outside at lunchtime. But we have to fight, and you have to fight with facts, and we have to fight much harder than we’ve ever thought we could afford.

It’s not the climate that’s being threatened. It’s the future of our children. And what we’re facing is a 50-year dumbing down of our education system where our children cannot realize that they’ve been taught codswallop; they haven’t been given the skills of argument of critical analysis and thinking and they are having their future slaughtered.

It is time to fight. It is not time to be like a normal conservative, polite and not. You have to have your facts and you have to be able to fight fire with fire. And if you can’t, then ask a really, simple question. If someone says ‘Oh, you know this is the worst floods we’ve ever had.’ And all you’ve got to say is ‘Well, that’s interesting. Please show me the evidence.’ This is all based on evidence, not propaganda and not feelings. Feelings can lead you astray, especially hormonally driven feelings, which give you huge problems later on in life. So, it is time to fight. And it’s time not to let one word or sentence proceed in a discussion without you standing up and fighting. That’s why I write books – to give you the tools for fighting, because we’re all in this together. Thank you.”

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