Child Trafficking for the Elite – about Haiti, Laura Gayler Silsby, Oxfam and The Clintons

Child trafficking for the wealthy is more widespread than paedophilia. It is a massive criminal organization that abducts children and sells them to high-ranking officials ranging from mayors to judges and senators, Presidents and even Royalty.

Do you think this is a hoax or another conspiracy theory? So, let us get down to some conspiracy facts.

It was shortly after the devastating earthquake that had hit Haiti in 2010, when Laura Gayler-Silsby was arrested for smuggling thirty-three children out of Haiti. On her arrest, she had claimed that they were orphans who were waiting to be adopted in the United States. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that the majority of these children were not orphans so much so that they were eventually reunited with their parents. Furthermore, no adoption papers could be found. In reality, these children had been kidnapped.

Laura Gayler-Silsby was on the board of directors of Alert Sense, a company that provides the technology for Amber Alert, which in turn is the broadcasting emergency response to recover kidnapped children! Isn’t the fact to have a convicted kidnapper connected to Amber Alert a fascinating paradox!! Secondly, she is the founder of New Life Refuge Ministries, an organisation whose mission claimed to be a rescue mission for orphans in Haiti. For me it sounds just like it was a deceitful way and facade to smuggle children out of the country in a smooth way.

Last but not least, she is a close friend to the Clintons, who had immediately hired and paid for her lawyer, who ‘coincidentally’ happened to be Jorge Puello, who he himself was a convicted paedophile when he was arrested and convicted for running a human trafficking ring, involving women and children. It was thanks to Wikileaks which put all of this out into the open when it published the secret emails between the Clintons and Laura Gayler-Silsby.

Haiti was also involved in the Oxfam scandal. Oxfam is famous for its chain of worldwide stores under the facade of empowering women and fighting poverty. Following the 2010 earthquake, it was banned from Haiti, because of top Oxfam staff doing orgies with prostitutes, some of whom might have been underage, meaning, children. Leaked emails further confirmed that three million dollars were diverted from Haiti in relief funds, via the Clinton foundation, to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s extravagant wedding in 2010.

It is clear that those so-called Non Profit Organisations, had turned Haiti, after the earthquake, into a shithole. For example, the Red Cross had raised half a billion dollars for Haiti and built six homes . Six homes only? From half a billion dollars? The Clinton Foundation ruthlessly misappropriated the earthquake donations from international donors, and got away with it.

Klaus Eberwein, a former government official of Haiti, and a witness due to testify in the Clinton Corruption, was found dead in a Miami motel room after being shot in the head, a few days before the trial began in 2017.

Monica Peterson, a young social anthropologist, who had gone to Haiti to investigate the links between the Clinton Foundation and human trafficking, and who had tweeted thoughtful tweets about the Clinton Foundation, was found dead by hanging on 13th November, 2016. Her death was ruled as suicide.

And when surgeon Dr Dean Lorick, had openly vented his disgust about the corruption by the Clinton Foundation, and what he himself used to witness while trying to save lives on the island, he too ended up dead. It was on 10th December 2017 when he was found on his bathroom floor in his apartment in New York with a knife in his chest. His death was also ruled as suicide.

How many ‘suicides’ surround the Clintons and their foundation?

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