The sentence against Fr David Muscat is a threat to our freedom of expression which happened to be given by judge Edwina Grima who happened to be presiding over Yorgen Fenech’s trial!

The sentence against Fr. David Muscat is a matter of great concern. Judge Edwina Grima’s argument not only leaves a lot to be desired but coincidentally she happened to be the same judge who is presiding over Yorgen Fenech’s case. I remind the readers that Yorgen Fenech had opened a case for Judge Edwina Grima not to preside over the trial in connection with Daphne’s assassination. Fenech had said that “he does not have peace of mind that Judge Grima will be impartial because the Attorney General was involved in choosing her when he is the one accusing him of the murder.” Is this Attorney General the deputy AG Philip Galea Farrugia by any chance? Because Philip Galea Farrugia had told the court that besides Yorgen Fenech the Degiorgio brothers and all the rest there were other parties involved. Philip Galea Farrugia endorses the false narrative that Yorgen Fenech is guilty. But of course after all his Opus Dei buddy is appearing parte civile for the Caruana Galizia family.

At the same time Yorgen Fenech had stated “that if Judge Grima presides over his trial she cannot preside over the Court of Appeal in the case there is an appeal.”

But Judge Anna Felice decided that Yorgen Fenech should not win this case because she described these two arguments as being contradictory. I do not see any contradiction. I see logic. What Yorgen Fenech was saying is that if Grima is removed from presiding over his trial but then she presides over the court of appeal if he had to appeal he would find an objection! What he was also saying is that if he is found innocent and the Attorney General office appeals the sentence like it was the case with Fr David Muscat and Edwina Grima is chosen to preside over the case of appeal like it also happened to be the case with Fr David Muscat then Yorgen Fenech would lose the appeal! I remind the readers that in Fr Muscat’s case the prosecution manoeuvered the case and changed the judge when it was nearing its end from Consuelo Scerri Herrera to Edwina Grima!

Judge Edwina Grima in the Court of Appeal has issued the opposite statement that had first been issued by Magistrate Ian Farrugia in favour of Fr David Muscat! For me Yorgen Fenech was seeing through the pattern! It is as if Yorgen Fenech had a premonition of what can await him which mirrors that of Fr David Muscat. For me Yorgen Fenech was trying to undo part of the knot of the frame-up! For me Yorgen Fenech was seeking for fairness and REAL justice by Lady Justice! But Lady Justice is now wearing earplugs too and she does not want to hear. Her two-tray scales have long been imbalanced! Because now Lady Justice has a full-time job at Admiralty House albeit at times she has to make a visit to Auberge de Castille!

Dear readers do not start crying over losing your freedom. Because you lost it the minute you obeyed the orders of your government during the pseudo-pandemic which this site has warned you about. This is totalitarianism in the progress. And now you are also seeing two lambs being sacrificed inside the building of the stairs!

And on the stairs you will find Archbishop Scicluna of the white-washed tombs taking a selfie while posing with the costume of his majesty with two horns to clap at the fact that Fr Muscat whom he had “instructed to stop making ‘inflammatory and hurtful comments’ or else he could be stopped from exercising his ministry in public” has now been found guilty while shaking hands with the Opus Dei lawyer as to how he is leading the parte civile against Yorgen Fenech in court!

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