Who is ex-magistrate and freemason Carol Peralta?

It was back in November 2020 when Lovin Malta published an article reporting the following:

“Former magistrate and current Freemason Carol Peralta is representing disgraced former Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi following his arrest in connection to his links with Yorgen Fenech the main suspect in the Daphne Caruana Galizia investigation.

Mizzi is also being represented by Jean-Paul Sammut the lawyer with links to heavyweight Charles ‘Caqnu’ Polidano even at one point serving as the CEO of Polidano’s Montekristo Estate.

However the former magistrate has been a long-standing mysterious figure in Malta’s judiciary and has now linked up with one of the nation’s most controversial politicians so who exactly is Carol Peralta?

Peralta who resigned as a magistrate in 2015 has been a senior freemason at the Leinster Lodge No 387 since the 1990s. The lodge would meet at the Villa Blye in Paola.

He was first revealed to be part of the masonic brotherhood by Alternattiva – the former newspaper of Alternattiva Demokratika. He had appeared on a letter of the masonic brotherhood three days after being appointed a magistrate. He has never denied being a freemason and appeared on a freemason list as of 2015.

Freemasonry has been linked to the Daphne Caruana Galizia case with the former lawyer of Vince ‘Il-Koħħu’ Muscat Arthur Azzopardi also forming part of the lodge. Peralta was a controversial figure during his time with the judiciary beyond alleged links to a Masonic lodge notably holding a Christmas party within his courtroom and ordering the arrest of a journalist.

Peralta has survived two impeachment motions. The first was put forward by then-MP and current judge Wenzu Mintoff in 1990. Peralta had courted controversy for granting ownership rights to a property in Qala overnight. The property was later sold to a fellow magistrate. Then-Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami led a second attempt in December 1994. However the Commission for the Administration of Justice rejected his attempt.
Peralta left Malta in 2003 with 283 pending magisterial inquiries. He then served eight years in war crimes tribunals as part of the UN mission in Kosovo. He returned to Maltese courts in 2012 and stepped down in 2015.

More recently he has been in the news for submitting a planning application for the construction of a three-star hotel on 5 500 square metres of land outside the development zone (ODZ) in Mellieħa.”

Why was the name of a member of the judiciary like Carol Peralta doing on a letter of the masonic brotherhood three days after he was appointed a magistrate? Peralta has never denied being a freemason so much so that his name had reappeared on a freemason list as of 2015. Was Peralta a freemason all along the years as a magistrate? Since members of the judiciary cannot be part of secret societies because the Code of Ethics prohibits them from a “wide array of activities that can affect their credibility and trust” shall we deduce that being part of freemasonry does not induce to credibility and trustworthiness?

The Code of Ethics states: ‘Membership of masonic lodges and secret associations is incompatible with the holding of judicial office. Likewise membership of any association that requires a promise of allegiance from its members is incompatible with judicial office.’
Don’t our minds continue to boggle and question freemasonry? Do the readers understand why it is not the time to be objective? Since Peralta has never denied such a claim what was his name doing on the freemasons’ list while he was a member of the judiciary? What are the dangers of having members of the judiciary as freemasons? And why are they being allowed by lodges to become members?

Why did Konrad Mizzi choose him as one of his lawyers? Lovin Malta reported that the former lawyer of Vince‘Il-Koħħu’ Muscat Arthur Azzopardi also forms part of a Masonic lodge. Why are we having even lawyers coming up as being freemasons and forming part of lodges? What are the implications of all this? When freemason lawyers are appointed as magistrates do they remain freemasons and if not do they still take care of the network due to the ‘brotherhood’ they would have formed?

I will let the readers come up with answers while they keep on weaving the web.
Who Is Carol Peralta The Freemason And Former Judge Representing Konrad Mizzi?

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