According to Jacob Rothschild of the elitist banking dynasty and one of the 13 ruling families Covid was a mere distraction.

The Rotschild family is one of the 13 elitist ruling families. They are of the banking dynasty. I will talk about these families later in the future as I have promised. Here is Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, in an interview stating that Covid was a mere DISTRACTION from the belief that they want you to believe that climate-change is man-made and thus you will be required to be put under totalitarian control in order to sort out the climate and save the planet.

“Probably isn’t a child over the age of six that isn’t deeply concerned about climate change just undermining life.”

Journalist: “And in a way Corona has slightly I’m afraid eclipsed the importance of this conversation. No one’s saying Corona isn’t incredibly devastating but actually we do need to think longterm about the planet.”

“Yeah. And it’s a DISTRACTION but more than the DISTRACTION it’s a tragedy but it does have that knock-on effect.”

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