When Dr. Stan and the late Alan Watt discussed the Elites and freemasonry and how ancient symbols in Masonry such as the beehive symbolise the society they want to create (I)

To honour the work of the late Alan Watt and his legacy a you tube channel titled “Cutting through the Matrix” was created to support his work. The website cuttingthroughthematrix.com was started by Watt himself but now his wife is continuing to keep his legacy alive.
Hearing him speak and reading his books makes you realise what an avangardist he was if not a prophet because everything he warned about is becoming reality. Here is a poem as proof of this:


Alan Watt has three books available which can be found in spiral-bound paper format. They are all an intertwined trilogy showing much of the esoteric control governing both ancient and modern man. His books are “Cutting Through 1 – The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda;” “Cutting Through 2 – A Glimpse into the Great Work” and “Cutting Through 3 – Esoteric unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.” It is important to note that Alan Watt was neither a historian nor a masonic nor an anti-masonic. All three books happened to currently be unavailable on Amazon. To purchase them one has to go through other sources.

In his interviews and books he talked about the Elites’ end goals as well as revealing the modus operandi to getting there. He talked about the neo-eugenics war on humanity the carbon tax enslavement vaccines and it happened that he even talked about freemasonry and secret societies. This is proof to you readers that whoever spoke or wrote about freemasons was NOT because he was anti-mason or a mason himself. Watt was neither. So much so that he spoke about various topics like symbolism and freedom new age rights and wrongs counterintelligence blending religions hive mentality total control and so much more. What was sold to you that any book you will read against freemasons is because they are by default haters of freemasonry is not correct.

In an interview with Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty of which I am reproducing only a part divided into three blogs whose transcript can be found online Alan Watt and Dr Stan discussed how the Globalists refer to themselves as the “Underground Stream” or “The Invisible College”.  This interview is about the late 1500’s the early 1600’s men like Dr. John Dee and Francis Bacon who really was one of the men who was instrumental in the foundation of America.

They also talk about freemasonry and discuss ancient symbols in Masonry such as the beehive which for them is the perfect society which will be a form of beehive.

Why is this interview important? This interview will help us to continue lift the veil while weaving the freemasonry net.

Dr. Stan:Well this is Dr. Stan here at Radio Liberty. Our guest is Alan Watt who of course lives in Canada but he comes from Scotland as you can tell and of course he’s been studying this. How long have you been studying these secret societies Alan?

Alan:I grew up watching them. Even as boy I’d watch them – there were so many Masons in Scotland that you could observe them talking to each other in the parks and street corners and you’d see all their strange movements hand shakes the way they would talk to each other the phrases they would use. It was very very common.

Dr. Stan:But do you think the average Mason really understands the occult of Masonry?

Alan: Not at all. [33 degree Freemason] Albert Pike himself who really put it all in his book “ Morals and Dogma ”said that the low-class Masons or the lower Masons are no different than the profane but they form a portico an outer portico or a shield which protects the real ones inside and who are higher up. The lower ones know very little. However what they do know and that’s one thing Masons make sure everyone knows in a society is that if you do join them you’ll advance in your work or your job and you’ll get promotion over other people and this kind of thing.

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