It is no secret that lawyer David Gatt mentioned in the Degiorgio brothers’ press release was a freemason. It is not me who is saying this but this was information which was published in an article of the Malta Today on 22nd December 2010.

The article written by journalist Matthew Vella titled “Exclusive: David Gatt formed ‘breakaway’ freemason’s lodge with entrepreneurs” stated:

“Alleged ‘crime boss’ David Gatt currently facing charges of association with organised crime had been a freemason for eight years before he joined a seceding group of lodges that broke off from the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta last year(2009).

In new revelations concerning Gatt’s private life sources from two lodges confirmed that Gatt was a Master Mason with Fenici one of the lodges under the jurisdiction of the SGLOM.

But he was later made ‘grand chancellor’ of the self-styled Grand Lodge of Malta after Fenici and two other lodges broke off the mainstream umbrella organisation.

Gatt, 40, is charged with complicity in a series of armed hold-ups and heists amongst them the successful HSBC Balzan hold-up in 2007 and the botched attempts at the HSBC headquarters in June 2010 and at Gold Market jewellery Attard in October 2010. He has been remanded in custody pending the start of criminal case.

In the compilation of evidence against him last week he was revealed to have a fixation with Sicilian mafia rituals and the lives of the Corleonese clanthat came to dominate the cosa nostra in the 1990s. According to a police officer who became the star witness in the case against Gatt the alleged ‘crime boss’ even carried out mafia initiation rites on him by burning a holy picture in his hand.

Gatt’s interest in freemasonry was also displayed publicly on his Facebook status. Gatt even wore a ring that bore the traditional freemason’s square and compass symbol.

Most members of the breakway Grand Lodge – who include well-known entrepreneurs and even a Maltese diplomat – either declined to comment or were simply unable to confirm any information on their relationship with David Gatt.

The Fenici Abercorn and Mikiel Anton Vassalli (formerly Leinster) lodges formed their own Grand Lodge in December 2009 after protesting at what they felt was the “dictatorial way” of the SGLOM’s grand master Anthony A. Pisani.

The three lodges were formally part of the Irish Constitution of lodges which in 2004 joined the Hospitalliers and Count Roger of Normandy Lodges to form the SGLOM. A member of the Fenici lodge who spoke to MaltaToday said the SGLOM lacked procedures to impeach the Grand Master ‘because there is no supreme council. We had no choice to remove ourselves.’

A spokesperson for the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta said the new lodge was irregular and its members had been expelled from the SGLOM. ‘Dr David Gatt a member of this separated group was as a direct result of such action expelled from regular Freemasonry and has therefore no association whatsoever with the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta. Any transgressions that Dr David Gatt may be currently accused of are on no concern of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta ’ Roy Martin told MaltaToday.”

The questions that we need to ask are:

Since among the three criminals emerging from the bank during the daring HSBC heist in 2010 there was Vincent Muscat ‘il-Koħħu’ involved in Daphne’s murder did Vincent Muscat il-Koħħuknow freemason David Gatt back then?

When Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated was David Gatt still a freemason and part of any lodge?

Are all the others mentioned by their names in the Degiorgio’s press release and those whose names the Degiorgios didn’t mention yet although they did mention lawyers members of the police and the military freemasons too?

When the Degiorgio brothers who mentioned Gatt in their press release wrote:

“These are individuals who once they introduce you to their circle you have to obey their orders” what do the readers make of this “circle”?
When the court heard of Freemasons’ link to Daphne’s murder plot where secretive freemasonswere prepared to pay €100 000 for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia with money having been handed to again hitman Vince Muscat il-Koħħu “by the mysterious organisation ” why wasn’t this hearing investigated further? What is this “mysterious organisation”? Why wasn’t this investigated further by the local media? Was pardoned Melvin Theuma pardoned for a reason and prohibited from giving further details after he mentioned freemasons so to make us think that freemasonry was just a distraction when in reality it was not? Isn’t it what came after which is the distraction in the whole game? Isn’t this why consequently Theuma couldn’t hold on to consistency because he was ordered to change version?

Isn’t it clear that even though the Degiorgio’s press release did not specifically mention freemasons we already have proof that David Gatt whom they mentioned was a freemason? Was Gatt a freemason during Daphne’s assassination and is he still one now?

Are we a one step closer in the inquisitive journey that the Degiorgio’s press release confirms that the mastermind of Daphne’s murder is being protected by the local freemasons in every tier of society?

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