How the media and Philip Galea Farrugia are in cahoots with defending Jason Azzopardi of the Opus Dei while being head over heels massacring Dr Charles Mercieca and Dr Caruana Curran

When Europol experts extracted four terabytes of data from devices of Yorgen Fenech who coincidentally happened to have operated “from a private office at Floriana police headquarters using equipment they brought with them from overseas and had the only key to the room” under the police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar the court heard these experts testify.

Dr Charles Mercieca one of the legal teams in defence of Yorgen Fenech told the court “that given that the data concerns their client’s private life and family data not related to the charges he faces should be banned from publication.”

The magistrate agreed and said “that while testimony given in public may be published the court has imposed a ban on the sharing of the data. Any breach of this order will be deemed as contempt of court and prosecuted as a criminal offence” she said.
Why hasn’t Jason Azzopardi of the Opus Dei been prosecuted yet for having done contempt of court while being prosecuted for a criminal offence? I remind the readers that as Daphne Caruana Galizia had written “It is the Attorney-General not the Commissioner of Police who gives the go-ahead for prosecution in serious crimes.”

It is the Attorney-General not the Commissioner of Police who gives the go-ahead for prosecution in serious crimesAnd then ironically we have the deputy attorney general Philip Galea Farrugia who wrote that he is all for integrity and that he will work hand in hand with the attorney general so that justice reigns in this country. So what is he waiting for to work hand in hand with justice itself so that justice reigns while taking legal actions against Azzopardi of the Opus Dei? Or do we have again another clear obstruction of justice? Why is there all this protection? We already have a priest who is helping Azzopardi getting an annulment. Being an Opus Dei member must come with a lot of elitist privileges.

I am also convinced that it is also because Azzopardi happened to be by another pure coincidence the parte civile lawyer in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case. Had it been Dr Charles Mercieca or Dr Caruana Curran rest assured that we would have had a metaphorical hanging in the square of these two lawyers by the media the deputy attorney general and Satan in persona!

We all know how we had the massacre of Dr Charles Mercieca and Dr Caruana Curran when they first were accused of bribing Ivan Martin; then when liberated of such accusation the Times of Malta had lied saying that they were liberated because of a technical error done by the attorney general Dr Victoria Buttigieg when this was not what was stated by the Magistrate. Dr Victoria Buttigieg is of great integrity and honesty with no pomposity at all unlike her deputy who wanted a private car with a driver. I happened to know Dr Buttigieg because back when we were both university students we used to be in the same group in which we hanged out and at times went out together. I am convinced that in Azzopardi’s case Dr Buttigieg is being held back by a super(real)natural force. If the media is going to attack Dr Buttigieg to try to eliminate her it will also have to deal with me.

I also remind the readers that the Times has not only been head over heels in publishing articles so to slander Dr Charles Mercieca with lies but the church media Newsbook had also joined the bandwagon when it published an article reporting that Dr Charles Mercieca was arrested by the police which was a blatant lie but a serious breach of ethics for its falsehood. Because it is not only Yorgen Fenech who must be sent to the gallows even though it is a cardinal principle of our system of justice that every person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven otherwise but now even his lawyers must join the trip to the gallows! Whenever the readers see the word “Newsbook” they should only remind themselves of one statement: that this newspaper is financed by the Archdiocese of Malta headed by our Woke Archbishop Scicluna of the white-washed tombs and poses. Then we have Jason Azzopardi of the Opus Dei.

I am sure that if Dr Charles Mercieca and Dr Caruana Curran were representing the untouchable Galizias the media would put them on an untouchable pedestal. If they were Opus Dei members they will get a lot of love and blessings from the media and Philip Galea Farrugia. We can even add some privileges in the pot and a photo or two with Archbishop Scicluna of the white-washed tombs posing in the middle.
And yet Philip Galea Farrugia has not defended once Dr Charles Mercieca who is a former AG lawyer. And yet Philip Galea Farrugia keeps on defending his Opus Dei buddy who has breached the law in broad daylight and who forms part of an organisation whose structure was modeled by Escriva to which he had added the character of a secret lodge of masons and a totalitarian quality (as I will show in the future) and thus this proves again my statement that we are at the stage where the masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society and that evil-doing will be done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished!

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