This site is pleased to be helping and be a voice for humanity and for the covid-19 vaccine injured. This site sends its thank you

This site has been receiving a very good response from various readers Maltese and foreign alike. Albeit some Maltese readers are still calling our facts conspiracy theories and are in denial there are other Maltese citizens who acknowledge what is delivered and are appreciative:

A Maltese reader has also acknowledged that his wife has perished because of the Covid-19 vaccine. Although this comment of his is in English there are other comments of his in Maltese – hence his nationality:

Then this site is also pleased to be receiving response from foreigners in which they are finding solace. I am bringing a few but I thank all those who commented on other blogs but which it was impossible for me to keep track of due to busier schedules than usual since I am also nursing my four-legged friend and companion of and for 15 years who sadly and for my weeping heart although I hope not might be in the last phase of his timeline on earth:

Another blog had a response from an American lady Ms Jennifer L. Polton who unfortunately has been severely injured from the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. Her plea to justice is clearly shown in her comment and one can also see how inhumanely she was treated by the medical field when she tried to fight for her rights. For the sake of knowledge 5150’d means to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization when evaluated to be gravely disabled as allowed by a section of the Welfare and Institutions Code in America – this is what the evil American institutions are doing to covid-vaccine injured after they were lied to and deceived:

The blog “The vaccine injured have filed a class action lawsuit against AstraZeneca in the UK while Australia has stopped its administration” has received a good response from foreigners who were unfortunately also injured from the same vaccine and who asked for help and more details from this site:

This site would like to thank all those readers who take a few minutes of their time during the day to read what we volunteers take time to research and write.

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