The ‘Great Reset’ agenda of the World Economic Forum included the use of Covid lockdowns to prepare people for the impending climate lockdowns according to investigative journalist Marc Morano.

Marc Morano is a former Republican political aide and an investigative journalist.

In a video Morano is on record stating that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax to get the public used to restrictions and lockdowns since the WEF founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab said COVID-19 lockdowns are an opportunity to reset the world.

“The climate activists at first were incredibly jealous of the Covid lockdowns which happened overnight. And then they’re like ‘Wait a minute wait a minute.’ They saw the opportunity. That’s why Klaus Schwab came out and said that this is a rare narrow window of opportunity with these Covid lockdowns in which to reset the globe. John Kerry said ‘the parallels between Covid and climate are screaming at us’. And they really were. The same template – climate change – let’s make a scary prediction; say the only way we can avoid this dire and the world scenario is to go full Marxist and we have to do it and no dissent is allowed. We have to go forward. We need planned recessions. We need to reduce travel we need to reduce economic growth. We need to stay at home. We need a green new deal overnight. Well the Covid lockdowns were literally like imposing the green new deal overnight. So that’s what’s happening and that is what has activated what was an academic theory for decades – this New World Order – Great Reset – it wasn’t even mentioned by the WEF till 2014. Once Covid lockdowns came in the words of the House of Commons speaker and his name is Lindsay he said he is amazed at how compliant the public was during Covid now it is time to go after climate. They knew that they had conditioned us to accept and be compliant and now they want to pounce on climate and that’s really what’s propelling the Great Reset.”


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