Keith Schembri should come up with a better reason whenever his name comes up in cases like Daphne’s and Steward Health Care

Each time I reflect on what is going on and what has happened in recent years I cannot but worry about this country and its people. When Daphne Caruana Galizia was brutally murdered what struck me most was the fact that such a horrendous murder happened in my country. Now that the corrupt deal of Steward Vitals Healthcare is known to everyone the only question that comes to my mind is as to why has the love for money become greater than the love for a nation? The Maltese people deserve better. Malta deserves better.

The name of Keith Schembri has come up in both cases. Keith Schembri was named in court by Vince Muscat il-Koħħu as allegedly involved in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder.

When he was contacted through his lawyers Keith Schembri dismissed and vehemently denied the claim. This is what the Times reported:
‘It’s utter lies and complete fiction ’ he said when contacted through his lawyers yesterday. ‘What Muscat said about me in court is the figment of his very fertile imagination. It is total and outright rubbish.’”

Now we have the recent story of the ex-Vitals Global Healthcare director Ram Tumuluri seeking whistleblower protection in the U.S. since he is“claiming that he was pushed out of the hospitals’ contract after being made to fear for his life.“

It is interesting to read in the Times what Keith Schembri said about such claims by Tumuluri:

“It appears that he has a vivid imagination and is attempting to associate this case with the tragic murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia which is absolutely horrendous ” Schembri said. Schembri said it is essential to separate “fact from fiction” and refrain from spreading “sensationalised narratives” that only serve to mislead the public.

The ex-OPM chief of staff should be a little bit more creative and stop giving the same excuse and reason each time his name comes up in cases like these because the Maltese nation is not stupid as he thinks it is.

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