Dr. Mike Yeadon ex-chief scientific adviser at Pfizer: there was never a viral pandemic of a novel pathogen. The deaths were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst.

Dr. Mike Yeadon a former vice-president and a former chief scientific adviser at Pfizer stated that:

“I have spent a long time early in 2020 as recently or a semi-retired research scientist looking at what was going on. Things like pcr tests the absurd lockdowns great worries about the so-called vaccines thrown towards us. But rest assured the so-called Covid-19 pandemic – I think the evidence is very strong from independent researches. This is not me saying it. I am looking at their work that there never was a viral pandemic of a novel pathogen and the deaths that we saw I’m afraid were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst. So basically we were lied to from the beginning. I don’t believe there’s been a novel cause of illness and death other than our governments’ responses to the fake pandemic.
Now I know that’s quite shocking. It’s quite uncommon for researchers like me to say things like that because they sound like conspiracy theory but I’m telling you I’ve been nothing in all my career except saying things as I see them. So I do not sugar-coat things because they are unpopular. I won’t bother you with it but people can go and look up a research called “Denis Rancourt.” At the end of it if you listen carefully you will be where I am now.

Why shouldn’t it be a lie? They lied to us about absolute everything. They lied to us about the magnitude of public health emergency which never existed. They lied to us about the necessity of having measures like lockdowns mass testing social distancing masks and it goes on and on. Every single one of those was known to be ineffective and interrupting transmission of some virus. It’s been tested that they do not work. So they lied to us about a public health emergency; they’ve lied about the necessity and usefulness of the measurers; and I’m afraid they lied to you about the design certain developments and use of the so-called vaccines.

So that’s the backdrop. I didn’t get there in one leap. But I started my journey I think when Boris Johnson said that you must stay at home. That was the moment that I knew we’d lost the country and noting all of the other countries doing the same I thought: ‘We’re in danger of losing the free world. And I resigned to the fact that this is what we must face. The outcome doesn’t matter to me. I’m absolutely serious. If I perish attempting to avert this it will be fine. It’s about my children and grandchildren.”

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